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On Friday, February 27, 2009, the Rocky Mountain News, Denver’s longest running newspaper, printed its last edition.  This is the home-town paper of Remnant Bride Radio’s co-host, Chris Meier.  The paper was fifty-five days short of a 150-year tenure.

Why is this noteworthy?  While we, the Bride, are seeing the critical need to fulfill three fifties in a unique count to Tabernacles Pentecost on April 3, and are even now in our third and final count, this paper fell short of receiving its like hope.  May we endure and not fall short as evidenced by the Rocky Mountain News.

It is also noteworthy that 150—three fifties—is prophetically the same as 15—three fives.  I too have been in my own Pentecost count—not 150 years, but 15 years.  (Quite interestingly, a 7 – 7 – 1 is equally a 5 – 5 – 5.)  This year, 2009, is my fifteenth year since 1994, and I am still seeking the Pentecost I and we must receive.  But also, this brings up an interesting question.  If the Rocky Mountain News came short of 150 years, does this mean I come short at this time since my fifteen years are not complete until June 18 or August 7?  

To answer this, keep in mind that the News’ shortfall of fifty-five days would have been in the time of the fulfilling Pentecost, the fiftieth.  The final fiftieth in the three counts of fifty is the fulfillment, the former two being annulled by stacking time.  Therefore, not receiving that final fiftieth year attests to not receiving the power of Pentecost.  What power did they need?  Money, an offer to buy the paper.  But, they received nothing more than the continued loss of money. 

Not receiving the promise in the third fiftieth is equal to the sons of Israel being sent home on the great eighth day in 1 Kings 8:66—failing to receive the promise.  My hope is that this April 3rd Tabernacles Pentecost will give me and us what is needed in order to make the remainder of this third fifth year in my life in the Bride all that it needs to be.  The News needed money.  That … is not near sufficient for the Bride.  We must have the Pentecost fulfillment of power from on high.  Remember, money must decrease, and the Spirit must increase.

So what if we are faced with waiting beyond April 3 into yet another year?  First, very significantly, we lose our legal tie to the 2008 Jubilee from the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem.  Right now we are still linked to it by our Pentecost counts from Tabernacles, 2008.  Also, this would wholly dismiss what took place regarding Satan during the ’08 Trumpets and Tabernacles, looking to the serpent turning back into the Rod.  Likewise, anything past August 7, 2009, would be outside the boundaries of the personal fifteen-year 5 – 5 – 5 Pentecost count.  Again, my hope is that the three forty-nines/fifties in the count to the April 3 Tabernacles Pentecost, are indeed the legal provision for the latter rain.  This would also provide the fulfillment of the Pentecost between April 3 and August 7, in harmony with the final count of the three sets of five years.

Let us now address two additional, but related, matters.  When going back to examine the date when the Bride work began in 1994, I realized something very interesting.  On June 18 of that year, Yahweh told me that He would not give His glory to the masculine body of Christ, but to the feminine Bride.  Immediately thereafter the Holy Spirit came upon me for a week and a half.  What I recently realized was that a count of forty-nine days, beginning the day following June 18 (i.e., on June 19), takes one to August 6.  Therefore, August 7 would be a “Pentecost,” or fiftieth, from that highly significant event when Yahweh first told me about the Bride.  Quite significantly, August 7 is the very day when the Bride legally began—when Yahweh showed me that I was a part of Christianity’s false Remnant, whereupon I cried out to Him for a way of escape.  That is when I entered into the Bride.  It is quite interesting that the Bride began precisely after a like forty-nine-days count—on a “Pentecost” fiftieth.

The second matter is regarding the great need to carefully seek Yahweh’s government.  I was listening to some of Rush Limbaugh’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 28, and afterwards reflected on the Bride.  Rush spoke of what needed to take place in politics in order for conservatism to succeed.  The problem though is that he only addresses correcting the symptoms, and does not address the real solution—reversing the curse of feminism on this nation and in this world, particularly women getting out of governance.

However, as vital as this is, it alone will not be sufficient.  What truly must take place is for the Elijah work to prevail and for Immanuel to be “birthed” to this earth.  How can this take place?  As I considered the hope that Rush and other conservatives have, there is a clear distinction between them and the Bride: they seek their desired results through politics, while the Bride seeks its results through two primary things—Yahweh God’s government, and intercession.

Why do we even seek the establishment of the Bride?  Because of government.  If the Bride was not a governmental reality in Yahweh’s plans, then it could never take place.  Yahweh God is government, and we are wise to seek to understand, practice, and implement His government—whether it be the government of how we dress, groom ourselves, speak, or relate to each other, or if it be the greater order of the kingdom of heaven on earth.  Our true success comes in understanding the government of Yahweh God, and seeking to be in harmony with it, as well as seeking its establishment. 

This is why we seek to understand the feasts.  They too reveal Yahweh and His ways.  This is why we seek the latter rain via the feasts.  If the former rain came to man via a specific feast schedule on a forty-nine-day count, it is evident that the latter rain will come in like manner, but with the specific qualities of a uniquely different feast.  And though unique, its pattern and fulfillment will be revealed in the Scriptures.  This is what we are seeking to understand and follow at this time.

The second critical way whereby the Bride seeks to obtain the needed results on this earth is intercession.  Everything that Yahshua did while here was for the purpose of intercession.  After being baptized by John, He did not then go into the wilderness for a picnic.  No, He went there to intercede.  His miracles, His acts, His vow of the Nazirite, His suffering, His death and resurrection, were all intercessions.  By these He both set forth and prophesied that which would be regarding the church, as well as gained authority.  And clearly, government and intercession are intrinsically related.

Therefore, in like manner, the marvelous things the Bride has been shown, the authority we must have, and the rights to the kingdom, are all gained through our own intercessions.  And this is not just through the intercessions we knowingly perform, such as the counts to a Tabernacles Pentecost, but the intercessions Yahweh places upon us according to His will and work as well.  In fact, it is the latter that are the most important.

One of the intercessions that Yahweh called me to, affords hope at this time.  On September 14, 1982, Yahweh called me to not eat desserts, including candies, syrups, or jellies.  The one sweetener I could have was honey.  This was indeed a change for me, for up to then I had enjoyed a dessert of some kind after every lunch and dinner.  Fifteen years later, in 1997, I was standing on the back porch of our home, and out of the blue Yahweh spoke to me that I could now eat desserts.  I will not forget walking into the house and telling my wife that Yahweh told me that I could eat desserts.  That evening we made ice cream, and each held their spoon of ice cream in the air like unto a wine glass and we toasted my being able to eat desserts again.

Why is this intercession hopeful?  Intercession is the act of walking something out, so as to gain the rights for a fulfillment at a higher level.  What higher-level fulfillment do we have hope for today?  In like manner, since 1994, for fifteen years I have not eaten the sweets of the kingdom.  These years have been a time of fasting, and even a time of bitterness.  My hope is that I and we can now eat the sweets of the kingdom, even the sweets of life that He alone can provide. 

Here is yet another hopeful intercession.  For seven years, from July, 1986, to December, 1993, I did not participate in any celebration whatsoever—no holidays, no festive events, etc.  This fast was the result of a vow I had made—that I would not celebrate until I could provide a home for the needy.  But, I had no idea it would take so long!  When a holiday like Thanksgiving came up, my family would go to be with other family members, while I stayed home alone and used that time to seek Yahweh and to enjoy His fellowship. 

The costliest part of that intercession was my parent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary.  I assure you, it was indeed a sacrifice, for it was a miracle they had made it that far.  To give you an idea what I mean, at the age of ten, I had a stomach ulcer from their fighting and arguing.  And at their fiftieth wedding anniversary, even then they were attending marriage counseling classes.  I remember my father telling me when I was ten, “I would divorce your mother if I didn’t love her so much.”

Their fiftieth wedding anniversary was therefore a much-deserved victory celebration.  But, I had made a vow to Yahweh to not celebrate until I could provide a home for the needy, and I could not violate that vow.  In fact, the true value of something is proven by the price one is willing to pay.  That is true with anything. 

If there is a gain to be secured in this, other than securing the home in 1993, here is what I hope it is.  I hope that the sacrifice I paid in not celebrating the “Pentecost” anniversary of my parent’s marriage, affords me the right to receive the Pentecost we all need—Tabernacles Pentecost.  And, I hope that the price and endurance that my parents paid in order to make it to that Pentecost, and beyond, is to our gain as well.

This being said, while the world blindly seeks to obtain its pursuits by failed natural wisdom and corrupt efforts, we, the Bride, seek otherwise—by Yahweh God’s government, and the understanding and authority that is gained through intercession.  I pray we succeed, for the ways of the world will only continue to fail, as we are now seeing so dramatically and shamefully evidenced.  I trust in Yahweh’s government, and in intercession.

Now, speaking of a “rocky mountain,” as in the Rocky Mountain News, please allow me to share with you the first vision I ever received.  It attests to what we are seeing and experiencing at this time, and hopefully is about to find its final fulfillment. 

My walk with Yahshua began in late 1971.  In early 1972 I was in church, standing and singing, when I saw this vision.  In it I was at the base of a mountain made solely of rocks with no soil or vegetation on it.  You see here in the drawing a rough representation of it.  The actual mountain and events were all very realistic. 

I suspect the base of the mountain must have been about seventy-five yards across, and went straight up as if it were an inverted golf tee.  In fact, the little sketch at the beginning of this posting does not do justice to its height, for it was at least twice as high as it appears there.  In the vision, I looked up to the top of the mountain, that essentially went to a point, and there was a brilliant light shining from it.  I anticipated that it must be Yahshua, and strained to see if it was Him.  The harder I looked the more I realized it was Him, and became caught up with the desire to see His face.

As I focused on seeing Him, soon I realized that I was now ascending into the air towards Him.  Looking away, I saw the imposing rocks passing by before me, and below me were harsh rocks that I feared I would perish upon. 

As I looked at these things, I then realized that my ascent was slowing down, and quickly concluded that the ascent was in direct relation to my focus upon Yahshua.  Quickly I turned my gaze back upon Him, and immediately the rate of my ascent increased.  But, I was still conscious of the great peril I was in, and out of my peripheral vision could see the rocks passing by.  The threat of the rocks remained very real, yet I knew that my safety and success was in seeking to look into His face.  Therefore, I had to force myself to not look at the rocks.  But soon, the closer I drew to Him, the more I was enraptured with His appearance, and no longer did I have any concern for the rocks whatsoever. 

As the vision progressed, I then saw myself from the vantage of over and behind Yahshua, as I floated up to Him.  As I had already observed, His hands were extended out towards me; and as I floated up to Him, I rotated 180 degrees and rested in the place of His left arm.  As I did so, His right arm extended over in front of me and then swept to the right in a motioning gesture.  Simultaneously, we pivoted to the right, and before us below was a beautiful broad plain with a river flowing through it, and trees were on both sides of the river.  It was as if He was saying, “This is yours.”  Then the vision was over.

After I lost my family in 2003, this vision was very meaningful to me.  That was a time of many immense, threatening boulders, upon which I fearfully knew I could perish.  As in the vision, I had to force myself not to look at the boulders, the threatening problems, but to look into Yahshua’s face.  I am glad I made it through those times, and did not perish as I had feared, but indeed could have.  There were many times when perishing seemed a far greater reality than escape.  Yet gratefully I made it.

What does this have to do with Tabernacles Pentecost?  Whether it be the three sets of forty-nine days from Tabernacles to April 3, or the three sets of five years from 1994 to today, that which was evidenced in the vision is highly relevant—keeping our focus on seeing Yahshua’s face, and not fearing the threatening perils.  In a word—enduring!

This we have sought to do, and with good cause.  My hope is that our reward is what was evidenced in that vision—the river of life that comes from under the eastern gate; and trees growing on each side of it, which do not wither and their fruit will not fail, their leaves are for healing; and its water flows into the sea and heals it (Ezekiel 47).  This is what I believe I saw in that meadow, and what Yahshua indicated was mine.  This is what I hope we are about to receive.  This is the work that Yahweh performs early, before it is time for the eastern gate to open, beginning as a trickle that goes under the closed gate and ever increases to that which was evidenced in the vision.  This is our hope, and the hope for all mankind.

In the recent February 24 posting, I shared the account of the birth of our fifth child.  On March 31, 1992, our midwife told me that it would take a “burning-bush-in-the-wilderness miracle” for the breech to be repaired for the little girl that was in my wife’s womb and ready to emerge.  While the breach that Perez created was not repaired (Genesis 38:29), on the next day, April 1, that breech was miraculously repaired and Grace was born.

Today, seventeen years later (the number of victory), this is precisely what we face.  We need a miracle, as Yahweh clearly performed with Grace.  We need the miracle that was demonstrated to Moses at the very bush that the midwife called upon to bear testimony.  We need for the serpent to turn back into the Rod.  We need the breach of the serpent, Satan, to cease, and for that office to turn back into the Rod.  We need Yahweh’s grace.

On March 31, 1992, Yahweh spoke to me the promise, “ ‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares Yahweh, ‘plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope’ “ (Jeremiah 29:11).  This is actually the promise to return the Jews back to rebuild Jerusalem.  I hope that what He did in ’92, was a living prophecy and promise of that which He will do seventeen years later in 2009—repair the breach, give us wellbeing and not evil, a future and a hope.  I hope that the remarkable timing, relevance, and message of that wonderful miracle that Yahweh performed by His grace, is His promise for us at this time.

Furthermore, the vision I was given concerning the rocky mountain was in early 1972.  Only recently have I realized the marvels of that date—the seventy-two who were sent out by Yahshua in Luke 10:1-20 whereupon He saw Satan fall like lightning, the 72,000 angels who He could have called (Matthew 26:53), the Remnant.  I hope this is indeed the timing of the fulfillment of the Bride. 

Oh for Yahweh’s fulfilling work on our behalf!


PS—Go to Remnant Bride Radio and listen to the March 5 program titled, “Government and Intercession.”  In it, I relate several personal experiences that cause me to have hope and confidence in Yahweh’s government and in intercession.  The program adds information and an element of communication that this DRBI e-mail cannot and does not provide.  The link is above, and here is the program description:

There are two principles that are core to both Gary’s life and to the Bride—Yahweh’s government, and intercession.  In this broadcast, he relates experiences from his own life that cause him to trust in the effectual nature of both of these.  They have been his means of receiving Yahweh’s promises, provisions, and blessings.  As the critical April 3rd Tabernacles Pentecost approaches, these two principles are exceptionally important, prompting this program.  Also addressed here is that, everything Yahshua did when He walked this earth, evidenced these two effectual principles.  Therefore, we are wise to do the same, as you will learn, which impacts every area of our lives.



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