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In the March 13 posting, I commented about something Yahweh had shown me when on my way to go trout fishing.  Well, after completing that and the March 20 posting, I got to go trout fishing again.  Actually, the trout river is only about twenty-five miles from my home, and is one of the pleasures I have in living here.  It was a beautiful day, and the entire time I was there, the only people I saw were two on horseback.  But where I fish, others do not walk to, requiring that I walk down the river almost two miles.  In order to get back to my truck, the horse trail through the woods that courses along the river affords easier access for my return. 

On my return trip, I was enjoying the walk as much as I had enjoyed the profitable time of fishing, carrying with me the stringer of four large rainbow trout.  I also had the rare treat of seeing four doe, and even talked to one as she momentarily stood there.  In fact, what may have initially spooked her was that as I was walking along, at that time I had taken my hat off and was talking out loud to Yahweh.  In these extended trips on the river, I wear a hat to keep the sun off my face and out of my eyes while fishing.  Therefore, when I pray, of course, as instructed in 1 Corinthians 11, I remove my hat.  

By the time I was getting close to the vehicle, I had repeated several times this act of removing my hat.  Then suddenly, as once again I removed it, it dawned on me what I was actually doing.  In truth, I was circumcising my head!

There are many truths and ways of Yahweh one will never understand until they are first embraced and walked in.  When we walk in them—removing my hat—we gain understanding.  This is the way of Yahweh.  One cannot gain the rewards and insight of something, unless they are first willing to pay the price.  Yahweh waits for us to obey before He blesses.  But my understanding did not stop there, as this opened a panorama of truth that my mind quickly explored.  Let us consider these.

First, what is literal circumcision?  It is removing a headcovering.  So then what is removing one’s hat?  It too is removing a headcovering.  Circumcision of an adult male would obviously be quite painful.  Abraham was circumcised at the age of ninety-nine; and upon entering into the Promised Land, the sons of Israel were up to the age of forty who were circumcised.  So the circumcision of my head (removing my hat) on that day, or at any like time, was and is totally painless.  Therefore with little price I circumcise my head when I pray.

What else is circumcision?  As has been addressed many times in these writings, it is Yahweh taking full responsibility for our actions.  Just thirteen years before Abraham’s circumcision, his offspring had been the seed of the flesh, Ishmael, who was unacceptable to Yahweh God.  It was not until after Abraham was circumcised that the son of promise, Isaac, was miraculously conceived and born.  Yahweh thereby took full responsibility for Abraham’s offspring.  Circumcision then, like taking off one’s sandals, is Yahweh taking full responsibility for the results. 

Therefore, when a man speaks to or on behalf of Yahweh God, not only is it a disgrace to Yahshua to speak with something on his head (1 Corinthians 11:4), but when uncovered it is an appeal to Yahweh to take full responsibility for his actions.  We, like unto Abraham, must go before Him or speak on His behalf with our head circumcised.  But if to the contrary we speak with our head covered, it attests that WE will take responsibility; and inevitably, like Abraham, we too will bring forth Ishmaels.

In like testimony, when was it that the sons of Israel were not circumcised?  While in their wilderness wanderings.  For forty years they did not circumcise, and thereby for thirty-nine of those years did not celebrate any of the feasts (Exodus 12:48).  Then, just before Passover upon entering the Promised Land, all the males were circumcised (Joshua 5:2-5).  Yahweh then, once again, took full responsibility and delivered the land into their hands.

Now let us ask a most interesting and revealing question, which I asked there on that trail upon seeing this truth about removing one’s hat.  The command of circumcision is specifically with regard to the male.  So, why isn’t it relative to the female as well?  The woman has a penile compliment remarkably equivalent to that of a man—the clitoris.  Just like a male, it too erects, has a distinctly similar head, and has a foreskin, the hood.  Therefore, we must ask this very important question.  Governmentally, why is it that the covering of the woman’s like head is left intact?  Why did Yahweh instruct Abraham to uncover his head, and not instruct Sarah to do likewise?  It can most certainly be guaranteed that the answer to this will be revealing, effectual in nature, and governmentally relevant!

First, let it be noted that the entire matter of the woman covering her head in 1 Corinthians 11 is headship—the right and responsibility to rule and to govern.  This address begins with the foundational statement, “But I want you to understand that Christ is the head of every man, and the man is the head of woman, and God is the head of Christ” (vs. 3).  How does this translate into the practical?  It means that the Father is responsible for Yahshua, Yahshua is responsible for all men, and men are responsible for women.  Given this order, is it not obvious why Yahweh had Abraham to be circumcised, and did not require the same of Sarah?  Abraham was Sarah’s head, her covering, her lord, and she was not only responsible to but also dependent upon him.  Sarah was under Abraham’s governmental care.

But even more significantly, and here we back off and look at this from the larger picture, the female is the created, which means they are weak, easily deceived, and not allowed to govern.  Yahweh could not and does not attest to this governmental responsibility in Sarah.  Clearly, the human body prophesies, being so designed as to be entirely consistent with Yahweh’s government.  So what do we see regarding His government?  Though the woman may have a penile compliment, SHE DOES NOT BEAR THE ROD!  The rod of the man, in contrast to the woman, is exceedingly clear evidence as to whom the right to rule belongs—exclusively the man.  Again, the created, the woman, does not have the right to rule. 

Furthermore, neither does Yahweh take full responsibility for guaranteeing the success of the female.  (This we clearly see attested in the ENTIRELY destructive affects of the rebellious women’s rights movement.)  Again, case in point, circumcision—Yahweh taking full responsibility—is only for the male.  Providing further evidence and testimony regarding this female/male relationship, let us consider three, and even four, clear testimonies.  And remember here, the female is uncircumcised, and the male is circumcised.

Abraham was first in the preceding uncircumcised female role when he brought forth Ishmael.  Then he entered into the latter circumcised masculine role and brought forth Isaac.  Next we see that the sons of Israel were first in the preceding uncircumcised female role in the wilderness, then they too were circumcised and entered into the latter circumcised masculine role, thereby taking possession of and ruling in the Promised Land.  Thirdly, as we noted in Kissing, Lips, and Attesting Glory, page 5, Yahshua first came in the preceding uncircumcised female role—He did not have the right to rule—and was given over to His enemies, died, and went back to heaven.  But, He will come again in His latter circumcised masculine role as Immanuel and rule on this earth with a rod of iron.  Thus the uncircumcised female created role is the preceding weaker role that cannot rule and falls short, while the latter circumcised masculine creator role is the stronger, does succeed, and has the right to rule—possessing the circumcised rod.

Let us now see yet a fourth evidence of this very truth, one that is quite hopeful for us today.  Some 2,000 years ago, the first Remnant was given the kingdom of heaven.  Did they succeed in that work and bring forth the promised fruits of the kingdom?  No more than did Abraham in his first attempt.  No more than did the sons of Israel while in the wilderness when, upon their first attempt to enter the Promised Land, they too failed.  No more than did Yahshua when He came the first time and went back to heaven.  Even as Abraham brought forth Ishmael, so the first Remnant brought forth an Ishmael as well—Christianity, which is no more acceptable to Yahweh than was Ishmael, both being a “wild ass of a man” (Genesis 16:12).  The only offspring that will be acceptable to Him is Immanuel.

What then must take place?  As addressed in Kissing, Lips, and Attesting Glory, page 5, the first Remnant was equally the preceding weaker feminine work, while the second Remnant is the latter fulfilling masculine work that will bring forth the Son of Promise.  This does indeed give us great hope today.  So again we see, the first Remnant, being female in government, was not circumcised and could not bring forth the promised offspring.  But we, the second Remnant, are governmentally masculine, are thereby circumcised, and will bring forth Immanuel.  Yahweh takes full responsibility.  Again, this is VERY hopeful for us today.  The promise is that we too will equally succeed!

Expanding further this panorama, what we have discussed brings up even more confirming, inquiring, and revealing truth.  But again, NONE of this could have been seen without first accepting and walking in this truth and application.  This was most certainly the case in 1990 when we as a family accepted and began to practice the clear instruction of 1 Corinthians 11 and our eyes were thereby opened; and, the fruit of my continuing obedience today is all the more important and revealing.  That which will now be addressed was likewise seen there on that horse trail when I prayed with my head uncovered.

Clearly, there is a symbiotic relationship between the natural and the spiritual.  Yes, it was by my obedience in the natural that I saw and have further seen these and many other marvelous spiritual truths.  But it is equally true that the spiritual determines the natural.  The natural is in fact a shadow, a type of the spiritual.  Again, Yahweh created our natural bodies to be governmental in testimony, revealing spiritual truth.  We have already seen that the man was given the rod, evidencing the right to rule.  We have also seen that the circumcision of that rod attests to Yahweh taking full responsibility.  So what further do we see in our bodies regarding this matter of circumcision relative to the male and the female?

First we ask, was a male offspring of Abraham to be circumcised?  Clearly so.  If not, he was to be cut off from his people (Genesis 17:14).  Either he was to cut off his foreskin, or he himself would be entirely cut off.  In like manner, is the head of the believing male to be circumcised, so that he does not pray with his head covered?  As clearly stated in 1 Corinthians 11, indeed so.

Now ladies, having seen this clearly attested truth in the male, what does Yahweh attest in the female?  First, was she to be circumcised?  Clearly not.  This was never Yahweh’s instruction, and is in fact contrary to His government.  Muslims perform this practice, but both the instruction of the Scriptures and Yahweh’s government, set forth that the woman is not to be circumcised.  While the man’s penile head was to be uncovered, the woman’s was to remain covered. 

What then do we find evidenced?  Ladies, you bear on your very bodies the daily testimony that you as a woman are to cover your head.  If Yahweh required that the man circumcise his head, both through Abraham and in 1 Corinthians 11, and in contrast the woman was not to do so, how much more should you cover your head according to 1 Corinthians 11?  The male’s body attests to the necessity of an uncovered head; and in like truth and instruction, the woman’s body attests to the necessity of a covered head, and should therefore do so.

It is an amazing and even confusing thing that Muslims, who wrongly circumcise their females, in contradiction correctly require that they cover their heads.  If women are to cover their heads, then it is equally true that the hood that Yahweh gave them as a headcovering should not be removed.  Yet Christians, who condemn the Muslim for circumcising women, are all the more guilty.  Whether it be the natural offspring of Ishmael—Muslims—or spiritual Ishmael—Christianity—they are both wild asses of men.  What do Christians do?  Just the opposite.  While they entirely reject the circumcision of a girl or woman, in contradiction they refuse to cover their heads, and even stand in the place of the man.  The truth is, CHRISTIANS ARE MORE GUILTY THAN MUSLIMS!  They directly violate 1 Corinthians 11, and should know better!  To whom much is given, much is required.  A woman who claims to know Yahshua and will not cover her head is a hypocrite, shames the truth whereby she has been called, disregards the testimony in her own body, disgraces her husband, and can never speak against the practices of Muslims.

Why do Muslims circumcise their women?  From what I have read, the Arabs practiced this even before Mohammed.  Frankly, it is a lack of understanding of the government and ways of Yahweh, and is often based on issues of morality.  But, I certainly applaud them for their morality otherwise, something Christianity has ABANDONED.  You see in the opening photo a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.  The fact is, Muslim women are more Scriptural in their headcoverings than even Christian women who wear a headcovering.  You may recognize as well that their covering is very similar to the hood covering that the woman evidences in her body that is not to be circumcised.  In her own body, Yahweh attests to the woman what her headcovering is to look like.  Paul taught that nature itself teaches that if a man has long hair it is a dishonor to him (1 Corinthians 11:14).  How much more, ladies, does nature, your own body, teach you to and even how to cover your head?

While on this subject of Muslims and Christians, let us honestly compare the fruits of both.  Regarding the contrast of Yahweh God’s patriarchal (meaning, father rules) society, and the present accepted matriarchal (meaning, mother rules) practice of Christianity and “Christian” America, Muslims have the far greater good fruit of patriarchy.  Regarding the rate of divorce in Muslim society and that of Christians and Christian America, once again Muslims have far greater good fruit with much lower divorce rates.  Regarding modest dress and women covering their heads, again Muslims far excel Christians and Christian America.  Regarding the rejection of Curse-of-1920 rock music, is it no surprise that, once again, Muslims are far more discerning and discriminating.  The fact is, as documented in The Curse of 1920, both the matriarchal women’s rights movement and rock and roll music had their origins in Christianity.

And how about devotion to one’s religion?  Do Christians excel in the day to day practice, exhibition, and performance towards what Paul called “deeds consistent with repentance,” or do Muslims lead a life that is more exemplary?  There is no question that Muslims, with their multiple daily prayer times and other like practices, moreso live what they believe.  And how about the slaughter of babies through abortions?  Even Christians, and certainly Christian America, are once again shameful in comparison to Muslims.

Ok, so the Christian now says, “But we have the truth.”  Oh really?!  Then why don’t you live it?  You don’t evidence it, so what use is it?  For your fire insurance?  When Muslims keep the laws of Yahweh God and you do not, the truth you have judges you, and the Muslim stands as a witness against you.  Are Muslims perfect?  Of course not.  But, they shame Christians in many highly relevant and revealing ways.

And let it be noted, the Bride is to be the obedient people, therefore any woman counting herself as a part of the Bride must cover her head.  If we are to be the obedient people to whom the rod belongs, then women can do no less, as we have seen evidenced.  “The rod shall not depart from Judah, nor the decree from between his feet, until to whom it belongs comes: obedient people” (Genesis 49:10).  (Read Until Shiloh Comes for this literal translation.)

We have noted that the first work is an uncircumcised female and the second a circumcised male.  From a personal standpoint, it is evident that the last fifteen years of my life have been my own uncircumcised female period of weakness, not possessing the circumcised rod, Yahweh not taking full responsibility.  For fifteen years I have been willing to bear pain, failure, and loss, that Yahweh might have joy and pleasure in my obedience.  It pleased Yahweh to crush Yahshua and put Him to grief (Isaiah 53:10), and Job declared that though Yahweh slay him, he would put his hope in Him (Job 13:15).  This is the submissive female role, the very role that Yahshua walked out, and we can do no less.  I pray and hope that the time is now for the circumcised masculine role in my own life that will fulfill the covenant with the many so as to prepare the way for Immanuel’s reign.

All of this leads us to our present hope in the Bride work.  We have already noted that the second Remnant is a circumcised male work, in contrast to the first Remnant that was an uncircumcised female work.  Governmentally, this insures that Yahweh will take full responsibility for us, which is critical!  But also, as Yahshua’s bride, we are afforded His provision and the benefit of being betrothed to Him and under His responsibility.  Thereby, we possess a double benefit and hope.

Blessed be Yahweh.  Our hope is in Him.



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