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There is a new Remnant Bride Radio program online that addresses the upcoming April 25 Passover, including further explanation of its legal ties to Tabernacles Pentecost, and provides additional information that was not addressed in the last posting.  I will give you the link and program description; but first, let us consider something someone recently brought to my attention, as well as additional encouraging testimony regarding the beginning of the Elijah portion of the covenant with the many specifically at Passover.  

There is a Christian group/person I once personally associated with that is proclaiming that the “Moses/Elijah ministry” began at the recent Passover being observed under the Jewish calendar.  “It has now begun,” they claim.  However, they obviously did not see any evidence of this, for they are now looking for such at a delayed Passover according to Numbers 9:1-14.  They will observe that delayed Passover on May 8-10 in order that “the way will be fully cleared to begin this world-wide work of going into all nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom.”  But, their actions here are not only fallacious, but even unlawful.  The only way they can observe a delayed Passover is if they were unclean or away and could not observe the regular Passover.  But they did observe Passover, and by observing it a second time only declare that they were unclean in the former.  Will they be successful in receiving this Elijah work?  Unquestionably not!

These people are intentional intercessors; but, they are Christians, so they intercede while in the cleft of the rock.  They know that a Moses/Elijah ministry that impacts the world must begin at Passover, 2009, so this is why they intercede for this.  But, Christianity has failed to bring forth Immanuel for 2,000 years; and the efforts of these folks have already failed at their Passover, and will equally fail at their delayed Passover. 

Hopefully, they are correct about the Elijah ministry beginning at Passover, 2009.  We are getting ready to test this ourselves at our Passover beginning April 25.  The timing difference, of course, is because they use the old Jewish calendar, and we use the New Millennial Calendar.  More on this in a minute.  However, by them trusting in a delayed Passover to effect what they want and need, they are in fact 1,000 years too early!  What do we mean?

What do we see that Passover provides?  Via the Elijah ministry that begins at Passover, it provides entrance into the Promised Land, the Millennial reign.  Who will ascend alive and rule and reign with Yahshua for 1,000 years?  Clearly, it will not be Christians.  Their place is in the second resurrection.  As the body of Christ, they are obligated to be in the grave for three days and three nights, which for them is 3,000 years.  How many years have they now been in the grave?  For 2,000 years.  Therefore, they still have another day and night, another 1,000 years, to be in the grave. 

What indeed is the law of the delayed Passover these folks are taking hope in?  In Numbers 9:1-14, we find that a man had been among the dead just before Passover, was thereby unclean, and could not celebrate the feast.  Yahweh’s solution for that man, and others like him, was to celebrate Passover one month later.  This is the only feast where this is allowed or provided for, and is thereby highly prophetic.

Now let us ask another question.  When did Yahshua cleanse the temple of the money changers?  We find in first Remnant Matthew and second Remnant Luke that He cleansed the temple on the very day of His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  This, of course, was just before Passover, undoubtedly on the tenth day of the month.  But in clear contrast, in Christianity Mark, Yahshua rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, looked into the temple, did not cleanse it, went to Bethany to spend the night, and then came back the next day and cleansed the temple.  He waited a day!

So I ask you, what is the difference between waiting a day to cleanse the temple, and waiting a month to have Passover because of being unclean?  They are prophetically identical.  Christians will be in the second resurrection, so the Passover that brings them into their Elijah ministry cannot take place for another 1,000 years.  They have to remain among the dead for another 1,000 years, and as Numbers 9 sets forth, are unclean and thereby forbidden to be a part of this first Passover fulfillment in which the “firstborn” do not die but ascend alive and reign with Immanuel for 1,000 years.  Therefore, the law of the delayed Passover will be fulfilled specifically by Christianity, when they enter into the Elijah ministry 1,000 years from now.

So once again, will this Christian group succeed in their delayed Passover aspirations?  The fact is, this is indeed their feast; however, they are trying to enter into it too early.  Also, they are trying to do so on a Passover-first crescent-moon Jewish calendar, and they will fail because of that as well.  The calendar that will succeed is the New Millennial Calendar with Tabernacles restored as the first of the year, and the month beginning on a full moon.  And the people who will succeed are the Elijah Bride.

Furthermore, with this Christian group seeing that the Elijah work is to begin at Passover, 2009, and are presenting themselves as the rightful recipients of that office, and the Bride coming to the same conclusion and making equal claim to that office, there is a most interesting test of Carmel taking place.  This is the test between the prophets of Baal, or Christianity, and the true Elijah, the Bride, and both have independently been brought to Carmel on this issue of Passover, 2009. 

At their last Passover, these prophets of Baal failed to prove themselves to be the Elijah, and by seeking to be such by a delayed Passover, prove all the more their failure and error.  Now, beginning April 25, or possibly in some regard even in the days before, we will see if Yahweh settles this test and gives the office of Elijah, the covenant with the many, to the Bride.  One thing for certain, we WILL NOT seek to receive this from a delayed Passover as they are doing, nor from a leavened Passover Pentecost, nor by using the old calendar.  And remember, we remain legally tied to the October/November, 2008, Trumpets, as well as to Tabernacles Pentecost.

One other point about Christianity’s delayed Passover.  Both its duration and its necessity are evidenced by King Hezekiah.  In 2 Chronicles 29, we find that in the first month at the regular time of Passover, the temple was not cleansed and they could not hold the feast.  Therefore, they devoted themselves to cleansing the temple.  In like regard, and even as the temple in Christianity Mark was cleansed a day later by Yahshua, so Christians cannot celebrate Passover, but the temple must be cleansed so as to prepare them for their delayed Passover.  As in the time of Hezekiah, “every unclean thing which [is found] in the temple of Yahweh [will be] brought out to the court of the house of Yahweh.  Then the Levites [will carry it] out to the Kidron [or, dark and mournful] valley” (vs. 16).  Thus it will take place for Christians in the Millennial reign.  They will be made ready so they can hold their delayed Passover at the Millennium’s conclusion.

So when Christians receive this delayed Passover, what will it be?  It will be a double portion.  How so?  How long a period of time is the Millennial reign?  By its very name, it will be for 1,000 years.  But as we have noted in previous Bride writings, Christianity’s own Elijah period will have a duration of 2,000 years.  In like testimony then, how long was Hezekiah’s delayed Passover?  It too was a double portion (2 Chronicles 30:21-23), confirming the very truth we have seen regarding Christianity’s delayed double-portion Passover.

What we see seemingly set forth here at this time is indeed the test of Carmel between the Bride and Christianity, even with a group that I once associated with but left.  Elijah said to the people, “How long will you hesitate between two opinions?” (1 Kings 18:21).  Many people look at the Bride as a group like other Christian groups.  But to the contrary, we are DISTINCTLY different, and I trust Yahweh will soon confirm this.

As to the mentioned additional encouraging testimony regarding the beginning of the Elijah portion of the covenant with the many specifically at Passover, it is quite revealing that John the Baptist began his ministry at Passover.  Though he was not Elijah, he had the spirit of Elijah, and provides yet another evidence that the Elijah ministry of the covenant with the many will indeed begin at Passover.

Here now is the information about the new Remnant Bride Radio program.  Following is its title and description:

Passover, 2009

It has been an incredible journey since Trumpets, 2008, as three Pentecost waiting periods, and now a Daniel 10 twenty-one-day waiting period, have brought us to Passover, April 25, 2009.  Trumpets was on October 16, 2008, and the great eighth day followed on November 6.  Three periods of forty-nine days led us to Tabernacles Pentecost on April 3, 2009, and now we wait in hope for Passover.  There are wonderful promises for this feast, as we seek the fulfillment of the covenant with the many set forth in Daniel 9—the Elijah, who prepares the way for Immanuel.  In this broadcast, Gary further explains these delay periods, as well as the significance of and hopes for this April 25 Passover.

You can go to Remnant Bride Radio and click on the program, or listen to it now by clicking here.

If you want to join us for this hope-filled Passover gathering here in Salem, Missouri, beginning April 25, this important test of Carmel, e-mail me.

I will be honest with you, these last few months have produced the most incredible and greatest opportunity and scenario I have yet seen for Yahweh to begin fulfilling what I have pursued for the last fifteen years.  We have recently seen:

But will this continue to unfold and this test of Carmel begin to be resolved?  Will the covenant with the many now begin for the Elijah Bride at Passover?  Will the serpent now turn back into the rod, and the Mordecai receive the King’s signet ring?  The answer to these will soon be seen.

I invite you to join us for this obviously important Passover on April 25.  We look to Yahweh with hope.



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