After Yahshua resurrected from the grave after three days and three nights, we read in Acts 1:3 that He presented Himself to the people for forty days with many attesting signs.  Let us now ask a most important question.  What would have happened if He had continued to remain here on this earth?  Clearly, He would have established His kingdom, and the Millennial reign would have begun.  But He did not stay, obviously.  There are many reasons for this—it was not time, He was too early, the Rod had to turn into the serpent, the Genesis 15 covenant had to be fulfilled, the afflicted body of Christ had to be formed, the second Remnant had to be established, and far more.  BUT, this question is very important to ask and to consider, as it raises a matter that begs an answer.   

We have noted that Yahshua came in the middle of the covenant with the many set forth in Daniel 9:24-27.  His ministry began at His baptism on Atonement, and concluded at Passover.  Passover marked the end of the assigned three and a half years of that covenant.  However, we have just noted that He remained here for another forty days, teaching and performing signs.  Governmentally, this is a problem, for He was exceeding the duration of the concluding three and a half years.  Any amount of time past Passover was additional.  And as we noted, if He had continued to remain here, He would have brought forth the Millennial kingdom.

Frankly, I wonder if Satan was scratching his head and wringing his hands during those forty days, questioning whether he was in fact going to get the next 2,000 years for which he had negotiated pursuant to the 2,000 swine.  Yahshua was now exceeding His three-and-a-half-year ministry period, and it was not looking good for him.  But, on the fortieth day Yahshua left, and immediately the abomination of desolation was effected by the apostles when they cast lots for Matthias.  Satan now had his way, and would have it for 2,000 years.

So, how then can those forty days that extended beyond Passover, beyond the latter portion of the covenant with the many, be reconciled?  Obviously, those extra days were intentional, and surely had a legal purpose.  What is the outcome of Yahshua walking out those additional days?  Clearly, this is important.

The reality is, Yahshua not only walked out the latter three and a half years of the covenant; but, He also walked out the first forty days of the Elijah work, even the first forty days of the Millennial reign.  Where are we today in Yahweh’s timing?  We are at the Passover-beginning of the Millennial reign when Elijah must prepare the way for Immanuel.  Remember, the Promised Land west of the Jordan was entered at Passover, and now is the time for the Elijah work to begin. 

If we are correct in our timing, this Elijah work/count began on Passover, April 25, pursuant to the New Millennial Calendar.  But, we also noted in the last posting that this work must be delayed forty-three days to June 6.  This is according to Yahshua’s like testimony of performing His first miracle of turning the water into wine at Cana forty-and-three days after beginning His own ministry at Atonement, as well as His subject forty days following His death, burial, and resurrection. 

Considering what we have just noted, we see further why the Elijah work must be delayed for forty-three days—because Yahshua has already walked out/used up those days.  Again, if He had continued to remain here on this earth, He would have set up His kingdom following Passover.  So the fact is, He walked out the first forty days of His kingdom early, just as He came early.  How does this affect us today?  It delays the Elijah work those subject forty days, taking us to June 6.  Personally, I hope He primed the pump for us by doing so.  (But the truth is, we prime the pump for Him as well.)  By Him beginning this work Himself, we are assured it will continue.  The Elijah work will prevail, and will succeed in preparing the way for Immanuel.

This is all wonderful to consider, and a marvel to see.  I hope you understand it.  Yahweh is government, He is order, and what we see here is His governmental provision, insuring that this Elijah work, this remaining three and a half years of the covenant with the many, will take place and fulfill its essential effectual purpose.

Additionally, we find that Yahshua’s ministry period of three and a half years is in fact forty-two months.  This means that His next month of thirty days was a Jubilee.  As addressed in the last posting, in like order, Yahweh labors for 42,000 years, and declares Jubilee in year 43,000 (a legal 49,000).  But Remember, the forty-two months that Yahshua walked out were relative to Himself, and the outcome bore this out—the forty-third month was indeed His personal Jubilee.  At the completion of His ministry period, He resurrected from the dead and entered into His immortal body.  He was restored back to His possession and family (Leviticus 25:10).

But, was this timing a Jubilee for mankind?  Not at all.  Remember, Yahshua came early, and clearly it was not time for Jubilee for man.  In fact, the timing of Yahshua’s Jubilee was desolation for man.  We read in Daniel 12:11 that the abomination of desolation took place 1,290 days after the regular sacrifice ceased, which ceased at Yahshua’s baptism (The Great Tribulation).   It is quite significant that 1,290 days are 43 months.  In The Great Tribulation, we note that this 1,290th day fell four days before Pentecost, six days after Yahshua ascended into heaven.  Clearly in contrast to Yahshua, the apostle’s actions did not evidence a promised Jubilee.  Yahshua had just left, and immediately they committed the abomination that desolated the church.  Any Jubilee for them breached!  Governmentally, it appears that Yahweh stacked time on the forty-third month, for man did not enter into Jubilee.  Their forty-three months were in fact a Moses work that, because of their own disobedience, equally could not bring them into Jubilee.

But, this will not be the case for the Elijah second Remnant, the second bird of Leviticus 14:1-7.  Even as Yahshua’s personal Jubilee was at the conclusion of His three-and-a-half-year ministry period, so it will be for the Elijah second Remnant as well.  At the end of the Elijah ministry period, we will then experience our own Jubilee, and as evidenced by Yahshua, will ascend alive into heaven to receive our own immortal, incorruptible bodies.  Clearly, this is the outcome of the covenant with the many—the forty-third-month Jubilee ascension that provides immortality.  This is the legal portal to ascending alive—walking out our Elijah forty-two months.

Therefore, not only do we see the Cana testimony regarding our forty-three-day delay to June 6, but also, most importantly, Yahshua actually remained on this earth for an additional forty days in order to begin His kingdom, the Millennial reign.  He was not just aimlessly lingering here on earth, but was, in truth, initiating the Millennial reign that then breached and would be fulfilled almost 2,000 years later, beginning at Passover, 2009.

Yahshua remained forty days following His death, burial, and resurrection, then on the fortieth day He left.  Immediately, the abomination of desolation was effected by the apostles when they cast lots for Matthias, and the Rod turned into the serpent.  Today, Yahweh must reverse that curse and the serpent turn back into the rod.  Based on the testimony of Mordecai receiving the signet ring when Haman was hung on his Pentecost fifty-cubits gallows, at Tabernacles Pentecost, April 3, we had hoped to see the office that Satan has had for 2,000 years go back to a man.  Today, as we hope for the reverse of that subject curse, we do pray that this sign that causes belief will take place—that the serpent will now turn back into the rod.  May Yahweh perform this critical sign.

In the next posting, I trust we will address the matter of the water being turned into wine.  Although, there may be some more that we need to address regarding this number, forty-two.



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