We are going to address here our hope today for the latter rain and why so, but first let us note something about Yahweh.

Have you ever considered the incredibly immense complexity of Yahweh expressed in creation? Why didn’t He just make one kind of tree and one kind of grass? Why did He make so many kinds of trees with so many different leaf structures and bark types, as well as kinds and ways of producing fruit, with so many different smells, tastes, colors, and shapes? Why a pine cone, versus an apple, versus a nut, versus a banana? Have you considered the immense varieties of plants—their flowers, their sizes, and their growth forms? Some are exceedingly tiny, some are no more than a mere stalk, and yet others are vast consuming vines. Why did Yahweh make such diversity?  

And how about the animals? Just look at the incredible diversity in them! There is the majestic elk and stout bear, yet there is the fragile jelly fish that floats like a wispy cloud, and spindly sea creatures, not to speak of all the host of diverse and beautiful birds, or the vast array of intriguing insects, or even the fascinating world of microorganisms. There is the aggressive eel that produces electricity, and the graceful sea horse, the violent shark, and the peaceful whale (that has lungs).

Have you considered the complexity of regeneration? The wonder and miracle of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, the birth of a chick from an egg, the marsupial that is born so amazingly small and is able to find its way into its mother’s pouch, the bat that gives birth to its young while suspended upside down, or the frog that swallows her eggs and incubates them in her stomach? And this is still only the beginning.

How does a bird know how to migrate, and how does a spider know how to spin a web? How does a bee know how to get back to its hive, and how do they know how to make royal jelly and feed it to a worker so as to produce a queen? How does a salmon know to go to the sea, and how do they know when and how to get back to the precise place where they were hatched and repeat that process? And again, WHY did Yahweh make such incredible diversity?

And even still, this is only the beginning! What about the amazement of the human body, how organs within this body all respond and function beyond our own consciousness. How does a white cell know how to attack an intruder that enters into the body? And how is a baby formed in the womb? And why is there a specific number of set days for the creation of different life forms? And what mystery is locked in DNA? And if this is not enough, consider the immense diversity within people alone—not just between the races, but even the unique personalities.

And in all of this, we ask yet again the MOST puzzling question: Why, why did God create all of this IMMENSE diversity? It is as if He was on an unquenchable binge when He created everything, and even today there are mysteries that man has yet to discover and unlock. Look at all the galaxies and the stars. Supposedly there are more galaxies than our own stars. Quite obviously, Yahweh is IMMENSELY COMPLEX, down to the finest detail! Yet in all of this there are those who have selective reasoning, at the very best, and naively think that this incomparable diversity simply evolved on its own. This is nothing more than willful ignorance, whereby in thinking themselves wise, men become fools. A blob cannot haphazardly mutate constructively into such diverse, complex, and intricate life forms. Again, blind selective ignorance.

And yet, seeing this immense diversity of Yahweh in the natural, how is it that Christians think that the kingdom of heaven is as simple as “Jesus saves,” and “He will forgive you of your sins.” This view is nothing less than how I began by asking why Yahweh did not make but just one tree and one kind of grass. To think that the kingdom of heaven is as simple as Christianity makes it out to be, is to ignore this immense complexity of Yahweh. Yahweh is NOT simple, and neither is His kingdom. This complexity in nature is nothing less than the evidence, the expression of Himself, His very nature.

Today, we do not try to heal people by bloodletting; and for a people to now heal the church and society, neither will it be by the failed and useless efforts of Christianity. There must be more truth than what kingdom man has been limited to in the “Dark Ages” of Christianity for the last 2,000 years. You don’t like what I just said, calling Christianity the Dark Ages? Well, Yahshua said that He is the light; that He, the light, was leaving; and when He left no man could work (John 9:4-5). That is the Dark Ages. Again, the kingdom is much more than what man has perceived, or even been able to begin to understand.

To begin to understand the more complex matters of the kingdom, I strongly urge you to order the six-DVD set titled, “The Kingdom of Heaven Series,” at http://remnantbride.com/KHS/main.htm, or watch it on the RemnantBride YouTube Channel.

In the past, some have responded to me regarding the immensity of Bride truth with the trite complaint, “The gospel is simple.” My answer to them is that mathematics and science are simple as well, as long as you stay in grade school. But if you want to know the marvels of mathematics and science and all they can afford, you have to leave your lunch pail and mommy taking you to school for something more. As Paul complained regarding the church from its outset, so it remains true today—you drink only milk because you are still fleshly (1 Corinthians 3:2-3).

This immensely complex God we see evidenced throughout creation, is the same God who brought and will even still bring His kingdom to this earth, and it will not be the way Christians perceive and erroneously understand and teach.

So what is Yahweh God doing in regard to His kingdom? And what is it that we can hope is about to take place? In Teaching #5 in “The Kingdom of Heaven Series,” we address truly one of the most incredible and revealing finds regarding the kingdom, begging the question as spoken by Elisha: “Where is Yahweh, the God of Elijah?” Why do we cite this? Getting right to the point, in order for a company of obedient people, spoken of in the literal translation of Genesis 49:10, to come forth and have success, one thing is CRITICAL! We MUST receive the latter rain.

The cause for the success of the first Remnant was equally one thing—the former rain. We, the second Remnant, are no different. We must receive the latter rain. And, if the former rain came as a product of a distinct governmental pattern—the count to Pentecost—it is evident that the latter rain will come by way of like governmental order. This is where the Elijah/Elisha testimony in 2 Kings 2 is so important, hopeful, and revealing.

What does this have to do with what Elisha said? If you will watch teaching #5 (and addressed at http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=478), you will see that the two crossings of the Jordan—first by the hand of Elijah, followed by the hand of Elisha—represent the former rain and the latter rain. This is clearly attested to in one regard by the fifty sons of the prophets who were there at the Jordan at each crossing—i.e., Pentecost. It was at Pentecost that the former rain came, and it is being evidenced at this time that it will be at a higher-dimension “Pentecost” that the latter rain will come. What then do these two Pentecosts tell us?

We know that the former rain came following a count of forty-nine days following Yahshua’s crucifixion as set forth in Deuteronomy 16:9-11. This is attested to in 2 Kings 2:7, where we read regarding the first crossing:

Now fifty men of the sons of the prophets went and stood opposite [Elijah and Elisha] at a distance, while the two of them stood by the Jordan.

Again, this crossing attested to the count to Pentecost at the beginning of the church. What then do we see testified after Elijah and Elisha were split by the chariot of fire and horses of fire and Elisha returned to recross the Jordan? In 2 Kings 2:15-16 we read:

Now when the sons of the prophets who were at Jericho opposite him saw him, they said, “The spirit of Elijah rests on Elisha.” And they came to meet him and bowed themselves to the ground before him. They said to him, “Behold now, there are with your servants fifty strong men, please let them go and search for your master; perhaps the Spirit of Yahweh has taken him up and cast him on some mountain or into some valley.” And he said, “You shall not send.”

Thus we see once again this testimony of the count of fifty—i.e., yet another Pentecost! So then can we expect another count of forty-nine-plus-one days as in the former rain, and must it be at a Pentecost from Passover, or possibly a Tabernacles Pentecost?

First, there is no way it will be at a Pentecost counted from Passover. That is the wheat harvest and testifies to two loaves of leavened bread, or the 2,000 years of leavened wheat Christianity; so, that option has already been fulfilled and is definitely out. Then what about a Tabernacles Pentecost? That one we still have in the basket right now, insomuch that we hoped for the latter rain following a count of three forty-nine-day periods from the great eighth day of Tabernacles on November 6, 2008. You can read about this at http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=318 and http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=342. We trust that Pentecost is still a part in the link of all of these culminating events.

We have noted that if the former rain came as a product of a distinct governmental pattern—the count to Pentecost—it is evident that the latter rain will come by way of like governmental order. At this point however, we must temporarily diverge from this so as to add a second vital, compelling, and exceptionally valid criteria in this hope for the latter rain. Once we establish this, we can and must return to further examine this Elijah/Elisha testimony at the Jordan River and the count to Pentecost.

In this second criteria, we find evidenced an element intrinsic to receiving the latter rain, the “fresh oil,” the “fresh shemen,” and that is—in both outpourings, the shemen comes as a result of a conjugal act.

In 33 AD when Yahshua was erected on the cross and the hymen, the veil that led into the holy of holies, was rent, this legal conjugal act made possible the release of the shemen some forty-nine days later—the former rain. Therefore, is it not then equally essential that yet another conjugal act take place in order for the latter rain to come? Obviously so. Furthermore, if the body of Christ was conceived by virtue of the former shemen, is it not even moreso critical that Immanuel be “conceived” by the latter shemen? (Watch Teaching #12 in “The Kingdom of Heaven Series.”) What then could this like conjugal act be? Here lies our hope for the days before us. And remember, we are not in grade school now.

As addressed in the blog posting titled “June 6 & 7, 2009,” on June 7 a consummational covenant took place attesting to the marriage of the Bride. And most importantly, this was not just a consummation in the order of Zechariah 4 where the male passes between the split covenant parts of the female. What was Divinely effected was a consummation in the higher order of Genesis 15 where both the male and the female passed between the covenant parts. Why is this latter so significant? Because it is in the order of the Bride and Immanuel ruling in the Millennial Reign between the split covenant parts of the Body of Christ. (Watch Teaching #6.) And like the testimony that Yahshua effected, it too was conjugal. In fact, this event attestingly took place on the fortieth anniversary of the consummation of my own marriage in precisely the same town. And, it legally corresponded with the marriage at Cana. But this is not all.

The evening before the consummation, the only thing I knew to do was that testified in Zechariah 4 and in the natural testimony of a man and a woman—for me to pass between the two Bride members, Chris Meier and Jim McManus. But the next morning it was noted that there were in fact eight “covenant parts” available—six men and two women. This, of course, is the very testimony of Genesis 15—eight covenant parts, with two women representing the two birds. So, already we see Yahweh doing something that was not planned by man. But this was only the beginning.

As reported in the blog posting, Yahweh sent a female dog to first pass between these split parts. Needless to say, this too was not planned. But what was realized afterwards was that Yahweh sent the dog to attest to Caleb, whose name means “dog,” so as to represent the smoking oven that proceeded first between the split covenant parts in Genesis 15. I then passed through as the type of the burning torch, though not understanding it at the time. Once again, this is the Bride and Immanuel ruling and reigning in the Millennial Reign.

And even beyond this, we also came to realize that this entire consummation took place between the two “bronze mountains,” if you would, there in Red Rock Canyon. (You will see this in the Google Earth image in the subject blog report.) This clearly speaks as well of the Millennial Reign between the two bronze mountains as seen in Zechariah 6.

Again, most significantly, other than the eight covenant parts (which we did not plan either), each of these were performed beyond our control, design, and understanding. As in Genesis 15, Yahweh performed a work that was by His hand, while we were, in truth, sleeping in our understanding and ability at the time. Like Abraham, all we comprehended were the covenant parts.

So what do we have effected here? We in fact have a higher dimension conjugal covenant. While Yahshua effected the Zechariah 4 covenant where the male passes between the split covenant parts of the female, here we see effected the Genesis 15 covenant where first the female, then the male, pass between the split covenant parts. And most significantly, each covenant evidences that which will follow. Yahshua’s crucifixion via Zechariah 4 was followed by the body of Christ passing between the split covenant works of the two-part Bride. But today, a Genesis 15 testimony evidences the very thing that must now take place—the Millennial reign passing between the split covenant works of the Body of Christ. All of this is most remarkable, highly revealing, and quite encouraging for us at this time. It also gives great hope that what took placed on June 7 was in fact ordered by Yahweh and will be effectual.

Given what we have been considering here—the hope we have for receiving the latter rain—these two criteria thus far addressed are very significant:

1. If the former rain came as a product of a distinct governmental pattern—the count to Pentecost—it is evident that the latter rain will come by way of like governmental order, and

2. In both outpourings, the “fresh oil,” the “fresh shemen,” must be the result of specific, highly revealing conjugal acts.

Again, this is not grade school, but a circumspect examination of the kingdom of heaven and the two promised, vital, and effectual outpourings of the Holy Spirit.

Having noted that the June 7 consummation was indeed conjugal, this affords hope that it possesses the effectual ability to bring forth the promised shemen. This now leads us back to the first criteria regarding the governmental pattern of the count to a Pentecost whereby the former shemen was received.

Two questions arise at this point. First, in the count to a Pentecost, would it be the straight forty-nine days of Deuteronomy 16:9-11, or the forty-nine-plus-forty-nine count of Leviticus 23:15-16, or the three forty-nines that we have seen testified and have addressed? The second question is: In contrast to the former shemen, would Yahweh actually count from a consummational event that is not an established feast day? Let us now consider this first question, the second to be addressed much later.

In the blog postings at http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=318 and http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=342, we have already addressed the multiple testimonies that the higher count to a Pentecost, which simply means “fiftieth,” is three forty-nines. The fact that this is indeed a higher count that goes beyond the assumed is attested in the Exodus 33-34 account when Yahweh changed His mind, had mercy, would indeed go into the Promised Land with the sons of Israel, and thereby sent Moses up Mount Sinai an eighth and final time. This eighth trip thereupon added a third set of forty-nine days to the Pentecost count. And, this is what we have to have today. Yahweh must change His mind, cut time short, and send His Son with us into the Promised Land, the Millennial Reign. And the testimony of this is the three-forty-nine-day count.

And this is not the only place where we find this vital testimony. In the more recent blog posting at http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=478, we examined this matter of Elijah and Elisha and found once again the testimony of three forty-nines. You will recall that Elisha returned to the Jordan, smote it with the mantle of Elijah, and crossed it. We have noted that this in fact testifies of the latter rain, the former rain being when Elijah and Elisha crossed the Jordan prior to this. And, we noted that the former rain was attested to by the fifty sons of the prophets who witnessed that event. So what do we find testified at the latter-rain crossing by Elisha?

We have noted that the account states that there were “fifty strong men” there as well, and the request was made of Elisha to send them to search for Elijah. Elisha’s reply to this was, “You shall not send.” But, even as Yahweh repented and granted Moses’ request, in like testimony Elisha repented and granted their request. So, how long were these fifty men looking for Elijah? 2 Kings 2:17 tells us, “They sent therefore fifty men; and they searched three days but did not find him.” Therefore, in contrast to the former testimony of simply fifty men, this latter testimony is fifty men for three days, or essentially three times fifty. This is, of course, the same as a count of three forty-nines plus the fulfilling fiftieth.

Therefore, we wonderfully see testified in this MOST revealing account that the former rain would be by a count of forty-nine plus the fiftieth, while the latter rain will be by a count of forty-nine times three, plus the fiftieth. Indeed the former rain came via its attested count, and we take hope that the latter rain will be fulfilled by its attested count as well.

It is also of great interest that the latter count was uniquely characterized by “fifty strong men.” This we likewise take hope in, insomuch that we are desperate for that strength in order to overcome the false testimony of the world and Christianity.

Bringing together this count of three forty-nines with the amazing conjugal events that took place on June 7, what then is our hope for the latter shemen, the latter rain? November 1 would be the completion of the third set of forty-nine days, making November 2, 2009, the Pentecost from the June 7 consummation.

Looking at the bigger picture, what then does all of this mean? On October 16, 2008, there was the flip in the way that Yahweh marks time and the New Millennial Calendar began, making Trumpets the beginning of the year. With this flip, Yahweh could begin creating the new heavens and new earth, even as He created the natural heavens and earth on a Trumpets-first calendar.

Next, we noted in the blog posting at http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=356 that Passover, April 25, 2009, marks the legal beginning of the Elijah ministry period. I urge you to read this. But we have also noted that John the Baptist evidenced that six months of that period would be without power, leaving a remaining three years of the covenant with the many (http://www.remnantbride.com/The_Great/Tribulation1.htm). These three years would be a double portion of power in relation to the year and a half the first Remnant received. This is the power we hope for and desperately need come November 2, or at least by November 5, which quite amazingly happens to be Trumpets. Therefore, from Trumpets, 2009, to Trumpets, 2012, would be the three-year ministry period of the Bride that prepares the way for Immanuel’s coming in 2012.

The timing of all of this and how it all worked together is truly incredible. We did not design any of this beforehand, nor did we manipulate it. All of it unfolded on its own. Several times during this unfolding I made plans to just go drive a truck, but Yahweh always gave us understanding and hope that kept us going to where we are today. Let us recount this year-long course.

First we saw that Yahweh had flipped time at Trumpets, October 16, 2008 (read http://www.remnantbride.com/Our_Hope_In_2008.htm and http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=121). The eighth great day was on November 6. Then counting three forty-nine-day periods took us to Tabernacles Pentecost on April 3, 2009. Next, adding a twenty-one-day delay as spoken of in Daniel 10, took us to Passover, April 25 (read http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=356).

Then as addressed at http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=382, with Yahshua’s resurrection on the third day, plus the forty days that He remained with them, we realized the like testimony of the forty days that Yahshua was in the wilderness following His baptism, and then there were three days to the wedding feast at Cana. As addressed in this latter posting, as well as at http://blog.remnantbride.com/?p=386, this forty-and-three count that correlated with the wedding feast at Cana, coincided with my own fortieth wedding anniversary on June 6. It was for this reason that we held the wedding ceremony on June 6, and performed the consummation ceremony on June 7. Now, a higher dimension count of three forty-nines brings us to a November 2 Pentecost, with Trumpets only three days later on November 5.

Therefore, as you can see, this ENTIRE string of intricately related and wholly uninterrupted and unbroken events amazingly occupied and tied together this complete period from Trumpets, 2008, to Trumpets, 2009. If you think this is complicated, from the standpoint of its unfolding it is not. And, remember that we serve a God who is immensely complicated, and most certainly governmental in all His creative wonders.

This is indeed amazing and adds yet a third cause to have hope. First, we saw the wonderfully revealing latter-rain Elisha testimony in 2 Kings 2 of three counts of forty-nine days leading to a Pentecost. Second was the vital significance of the conjugal work at a higher realm that Yahweh performed on June 7. And now, third is this realization of how Yahweh tied together all of these events for the last year to get us to the hope that we have today—the latter shemen, and the three-year period of the covenant with the many with power. Let us now add yet a fourth cause to have hope.

On June 7, not only did we have the Divine testimony of eight covenant parts, as well as the dog being sent as the smoking oven, as well as the location of the consummation between the two “bronze” mountains in Red Rock Canyon, but there was a fourth occurrence that was and is most hopeful. As we gathered at the place of the consummation and prepared to effect it, a highly unusual wind came down upon us that was unique to this otherwise calm day. The tree where we were standing began to vigorously stir about with its force and we all recognized and were most encouraged by this strong breath that momentarily swept down upon us. It was as though Yahweh had breathed on us.

So, why might this be so noteworthy and outstandingly encouraging? When else did God breath on men? In Genesis 2:7 Yahweh God breathed life into Adam. But that was not breathing on him per se. The only occasion when God breathed on men was when Yahshua came amongst the disciples after rising from the grave. Thereupon He said to them once, and then a second time, “Peace be with you,” adding this second time, “as the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” Then we read, “And when He had said this, He breathed on them and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’ ” (John 20:19-22).

This is a most unusual passage. Upon Yahshua breathing on them, there was no visible change in them at all. They had no extra power, no glory. They were the same as before He breathed on them. In fact, that much needed change and outpouring of the Holy Spirit did not come until some forty-nine days later on Pentecost when “suddenly there came from heaven a noise like a violent rushing wind, and it filled the whole house where they were sitting” (Acts 2:2). So what was this first wind about when Yahshua breathed on them? It evidences that it was a promise of that which was to come some forty-nine days later.

Are you seeing the hope and possibility here? Why did Yahshua perform this and speak of receiving the Holy Spirit, when there was no evidence of its fulfillment at the time? This has always been a puzzlement to me. There had to be a purpose in Him doing this. Today we can ask: Did this happen to the disciples and was recorded in John as a prophetic testimony of that which would take place some 2,000 years later? Or is today a repeat? Did Yahweh now in like manner breath on us with that highly unique breath on June 7 as the equal promise that the latter shemen would indeed come—not after forty-nine days, but after three forty-nine-day periods of time?

Or dare we even speak it, but did June 7 fulfill that which was set forth in John 20:21-22? This is indeed possible, and we sincerely hope so. The testimony is certainly here—both in our experience, as well as in the Scriptures. Did Yahshua breath on them and it was recorded in John for the expressed purpose of prophesying and giving encouragement to us today? Did Yahweh breath on us on June 7 as a promise that the latter shemen was indeed coming? The testimony is there, and it will be wonderful and most revealing and confirming if this is indeed the case.

So we now add hope number four: Yahweh breathed on us on June 7, promising the Holy Spirit in 3 x 49 days. Most certainly, in 2 Kings 1:9-15 Elijah came down from the mountain after three like fifties. And, Moses came down from Mount Sinai after three forty-nine-day periods, possessing the Law of Yahweh God, as well as the attesting glory of Yahweh on his face. May Yahweh have mercy upon His Bride and do likewise on November 2-5.

But let us ask a hard question here. To be honest, and once again this will NOT be grade school, there is still something seemingly lacking thus far in this recent conjugal act. All of the necessary testimonies are here; but, the public erection of the rod as evidenced on the cross is missing. We had all the elements of conjugation, even in the order of the higher dimension Genesis 15 covenant, but seemingly missing is the antithesis of Yahshua’s erection. What is that antithesis? His being lifted up was unto death. It only makes sense then that the next erection, lifting up, is unto life and, like Mordecai, glorification. It is the erection that in like manner should produce the shemen, and that public erection has not taken place.

What is that erection, that antithesis that is glorification? In order to prepare the way for Immanuel, the Elijah who stands in His office must, like Mordecai, be lifted up. Mordecai was indeed lifted up to a place that Haman (Satan) thought was his honor (Esther 6). As we have noted in past teachings, that unfolding process is the Rod, turning into the serpent, and turning back into a rod. And, it is the erection of that rod that produces the shemen.

What could this “lifting up” mean? Possibly it could be anything from the mere receipt of the office, to a public revelation in a dramatic way. It could be as simple as me standing in the place of Immanuel as the burning torch on June 7, to something more public. I do not know. But at least I know to ask the question. And regarding the prospect of a meaningful and simple evidence, Yahweh did reckon sacrifice and oblation ceasing when Yahshua was merely baptized in water.

One thing for certain and MOST encouraging, Yahshua’s erection was according to the pattern and testimony of Zechariah 4, which we now see is both death and natural. This is the like natural covenant of a man and a woman. If I had walked out this specific conjugal act, it would have called for death and failure as well—Yahshua’s outcome and the outcome of the Body of Christ. And, what is the natural outcome of that covenantal union? As we have noted in the past, it is the serpent being cast down to the earth, the sperm being cast down to the egg. The outcome of this is a body that wars against God, is the seat of sin, and constantly does evil.

BUT, and this is a most important distinction, though all I knew to do on June 7 was to walk out the very same covenant, the very covenant Yahshua carried out, YAHWEH DID NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN! Instead, He added all the necessary parts, even in our own blindness, so as to insure that we effected the higher dimension covenant that spoke of the Millennial Reign. This conjugal act that was performed gives promise and hope.

On my fortieth wedding anniversary, testifying to the end of the wilderness period, I stood in the place of Immanuel as the burning torch. As the torch affords, I stood in the place of light. This is the very dream that Yahweh gave to me many years ago, and light is indeed coming from the head of this torch, this man. I am a burning palm tree, an “erect,” which is the root meaning of the palm. Yahweh did not allow me to intercede in the order of Zechariah 4, for which I am MOST grateful, and I pray that He will use me to prepare the way for the one true Rod who will set up His kingdom on this earth and build His temple between the two bronze mountains of Christianity.

To answer the question asked much earlier regarding whether Yahweh would actually count from a consummational event such as June 7 that is not an established feast day, you now see that this latter work is indeed performed at a higher dimension—a Pentecost counted at 3 x 49, initiated by a Genesis 15 conjugal work. For this reason, yes, Yahweh could indeed perform a work that is not bound by established feast schedules. In addition, hope remains for the fulfillment of the mounting string of unbroken events and promises that have mounted for the last year, beginning at Trumpets, October 16, 2008. May these all come to fulfillment as well.

So we ask, “Where is Yahweh, the God of Elijah?” Where is the power of the Holy Spirit that we so desperately need in order to cross the Jordan and heal the death-causing and unfruitful waters of Jericho? It was because of June 7 that we even came to understand Genesis 15 and its fulfillment in the Millennial Reign. With hope may that day of consummation be fulfilled in bringing to the second Remnant the latter shemen on November 2-5 so Immanuel can be birthed.

As you can see, within the last year there has been the unfolding of time and events that cannot be ignored. Here I have recounted four resulting hopes. But as always, we are in the hands of Yahweh and it is up to Him to effect this work, even as He performed and evidenced on June 7. So once again we look to Him with a well-founded hope, as well as a pained sense of need that He fulfill His word and give us the very thing He spoke to me on June 11, 1994. Beginning this journey and forever changing the quest and course of my life, I saw that that which He did at the beginning of the church, He will do again in the end. This latter outpouring is the work we must receive at this time in order to gain success and victory—the latter rain! Based on what we have witnessed and walked out for the last year, so may it be fulfilled.

With hope we look to Yahweh. To order the six-DVD set of the twelve teachings in “The Kingdom of Heaven Series,” go to http://remnantbride.com/KHS/main.htm, or you can watch them online at http://www.youtube.com/RemnantBride. And by the way, as has been expressed by others, you are not going to be able to adequately understand these teachings unless you listen to them at least two, or even moreso three, times. This is the nature of watching a video and hearing someone teach, especially something as profound as Bride truth. Again, this is not grade school.

And for equal reason, you will not fully understand what is presented here unless you read it multiple times as well.

We look to Yahweh with hope that that which He began, He will now complete.

PS—A Bride brother recently pointed out to me that in John 8:51, Yahshua boldly stated, “Truly, truly, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he will never see death.” Wow, what a promise! Where is that ever preached? Quite revealingly, the only other place in the entire Bible where this statement regarding keeping Yahshua’s word is found, is in Revelation 3:10 where it is likewise stated, “Because you have kept the word of My perseverance, I also will keep you from the hour of testing.” This is the promise to the church of Philadelphia which is the second Remnant who keep His word. In both passages, “keep” and “kept” are from the same Greek work and means “to guard.” May it indeed be that we, the second Remnant, keep/guard Yahweh’s word and thereby never die, but ascend alive.


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