Cartoon: The Temptation, Life Magazine, 1911
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Feminism has so much become an accepted part of the psyche of American society that when a man holds to the principles upon which this nation was established, he is instantly slandered as an archaic male chauvinist bigot. But a look at history during and since the founding of this nation reveals that we today have indeed become so subnormal concerning the proper order and place of men and women, that when someone actually becomes normal, they appear abnormal. All one has to do is look at the order of society at our founding as a nation and observe its fruit, then compare it with the societal order we have today and its fruit, and the evidence as to what is right is starkly obvious!

John Adams, one of our founding fathers, one of five men appointed to draft the Declaration of Independence, and America’s first Vice President and second President, astutely warned:

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.

Equally, the first President of our nation, George Washington, warned:

Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.

Like a rebellious teenager caught up in the loose, irresponsible, fancy-free pop culture, we as a nation are gravely foolish having ignored these warnings and disregarded the inevitable consequences. We as a nation are neither moral nor religious!

What then is the cause for and the solution to our foolishness? Unfortunately, all that men try to do today in our utterly failing society is to place bandages or a topical dressing on our deep causative afflictions, and in fact do nothing to truly reverse the inevitable. We’re a ship headed for certain disaster, but are too much caught up in revelous pleasure to forthrightly alter the glaringly destructive course. Following in the ways of Sodom and Gomorrah of old, we too are seduced and blinded by the “arrogance, abundant food, and careless ease” of our own waywardness. We as a nation are drunk on pleasure, irresponsible, and our vain obsession with personal rights, otherwise known as greed, will most certainly further effect our ruin!

The cause for our foolishness is that we have abandoned the principles, practices, and beliefs upon which this nation was founded; and the only solution is to forthrightly and fearfully return to them. This will take major changes in our present-day highly feminized society.

How did this fateful abandonment take place? Ever so gradually we moved the line away from what was held to be true and right, in small increments compromising on many vital issues until we are now miles away from where we were. Society has not had the foresight to see where this ill course will take each succeeding generation; and even so, unless each generation experiences the full consequences, that’s only left for another generation to endure. Ironically, each generation thinks that the next generation is the one that has departed and strayed, not realizing their own part in our nation’s successive demise. But if we look back at life before 1920, we can see what we have left. Let’s now examine one example of this fateful departure – education.

Our schools today are designed to destroy social, moral, and religious values, overturn the established role of men and women, and are in fact a cesspool of ill and destructive influences. For two hundred years – throughout the latter 1600s, 1700s, and into the 1800s – our nation’s colleges were exclusively for men. It was not until 1850, when the feminist movement began to be more prominently evidenced, that colleges began experimenting with coeducation, placing young men and women in the same educational facilities. Thereby, the critical line of distinction between men and women began its fateful drift away from the sound causative founding principles of this nation. Evidenced in many ways, including this incremental destruction of our education system, the women’s rights movement continually proves to be the most destructive and greatest enemy to mankind on the face of the earth!

The very fact that co-education began reveals the true aspirations of feminism – for the woman to be equal to the man, “co” meaning equal. As addressed in The Curse of 1920, this is the curse of the woman that is rooted all the way back in the original Garden of Eden – “your desire will be for [the place of] your husband” (Genesis 3:16). Women continue to seek that forbidden fruit that is a delight to the eyes and promises to make one wise, yet leads to death! And frankly, irregardless of whether you believe in the Bible or not, this matter of feminism is entirely rooted in the spiritual. The women’s rights movement is categorically Eveonian – of or characteristic of Eve!

What has this feminization of education produced? What is its fruit? … Destruction! How do we count the ways? … Where does one begin?

First, placing young men and women in the same educational facilities is guaranteed disaster! The mere fact of placing them in education as equals is the first step down the road of error, confusion, and compromise. Men and women are not equal in any way. Governmentally, by God’s design and order the man is to rule over the woman – in the home, as well as civilly. Likewise, he is to be the provider. Learning-wise, it is proven that boys learn better from men, and girls learn better from women. Physically, the man is twice as strong as the woman. Socially, men are more independent, resourceful, willing to make it on their own; whereas women look for their Prince Charming, the one who will help them. This difference is why feminized government has produced a burgeoning welfare mentality. Emotionally, the man is more logical, whereas the woman is more emotional. Educationally, men and women have differing strengths and weaknesses, as well as differing needs for preparatory skills and training. To place the two together in latter developmental and preparatory educational facilities muddies these divine differences and begins a course of homosexuality (one and the same sex) and error.

Having noted this though, it is important to realize that feminism is not relegated solely to women, but equally affects men. Men and women alike can express feminization. In fact, some women are more masculine in their thinking, attitudes, beliefs, and actions than some men.

One of the gravest errors associated with our entirely failed education system is the guaranteed failure of taking young men and women who are now wired and plumbed for marriage and bearing children, and throw them into the distracting mix of unprofitable and destructive companionship. What again was the example given to us by our founding fathers? Young men who went to college did so to gain specific training that prepared them for employment and societal benefit. They were not distracted by “dating” and like female distractions. Young men today finish high school and go off to college at the age when these same men in earlier times had already completed college and were ready to establish a family and career.

Today, our education system drags out education so far that it is entirely unnatural. At the very age when young men and women should be establishing a family, we ship them off alone to be exposed to immoral liberal women’s-rights-tailored coed facilities. Education today must return to being tailored to the biological clock of puberty so that when men and women are capable of producing children, their education is near completion. To place fully sexually equipped young men and women together for a duration that is unnatural for the human body, is socially and morally irresponsible and entirely contrary to building solid homes and families. Instead of training young men and women for stable families, our present education system trains them that relationships are short-term and meant for self-gratification. Instead of fostering lifelong commitments, relationships are reduced to one-night stands. At the close of one’s life, what is it that is most important but one’s family. Yet our education system is not only oblivious to the fulfillment of this ultimate valued quest and does not support it, but it in fact seeks to derail and destroy the family. Secondary and, particularly, post-secondary education today is, by its very nature, entirely anti-family.

Add to this the horrendous ills of our immoral entertainment and advertising industries, as well as the aberrant liberal standards that have come to us through feminism whereby moral social standards are thrown out and all that matters is beastly pleasure, coed facilities are simply breeding grounds of moral destruction. And as Washington, Adams, and others sternly warned, morality and religion are indispensable for a healthy and enduring America, neither of which we now possess.

The wisdom of Solomon regarding our present education system was succinctly expressed when he wrote:

Rejoice, young man, during your childhood, and let your heart be pleasant during the days of young manhood. And follow the impulses of your heart and the desires of your eyes. Yet know that God will bring you to judgment for all these things [Ecclesiastes 11:9].

God will not be mocked regarding this warning or our foolish pleasure-seeking actions, any more than the warnings of Washington or Adams will be mocked as well. Fools alone despise these weighty matters!

In similar regard, repeated throughout the writings of Solomon is what can be called the trinity of truth. What would you think if I told you that the trinity of truth was the following:

First gain knowledge; thereby, one can then secure understanding; and with that understanding comes wisdom?

Would you agree with this? If so, you are tragically wrong! Solomon consistently set forth the opposite order for securing truth:

First seek wisdom; upon gaining wisdom, then one secures understanding; and with right understanding one can then gain true knowledge.

Otherwise, when the knowledge one gains is wrong, such as that which the Eveonian women’s rights movement has so successfully fed to us, then understanding is false, which we so plainly see evidenced today, and wisdom is false. This is the recipe for error, the very error clearly evidenced in our education system.

Our nation has forsaken the wisdom of our founding fathers and tragically erred by making the pursuit of knowledge foremost, preeminent, and forcing scholastic education to be unnaturally extended far beyond puberty. “Knowledge first” is backwards, and is not truth. Truth only comes through first seeking and applying wisdom; and wisdom does not allow the entirely destructive education system we have today.

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