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In the opening, we noted that in order to see whether our founding fathers or we today are correct, all one has to do is look at the order of society at our founding as a nation and observe its fruit, then compare it with the societal order we have today and its fruit. The evidence is both obvious and overwhelming!

While our founding education system produced the wisdom and valor exhibited in our nation’s formative years – the product of the Age of Enlightenment – the opposite is true with the coeducation system after the 1850s that arose out of the Eveonian women’s rights movement. The women’s rights movement was indeed the pivotal change that has brought our nation’s downhill race towards error and destruction. Here are just some of its ill destructive fruit.

• Moral irresponsibility: Colleges like Harvard (1636) and Yale (1701) were built upon purposes such as: “to lay Christ in the bottom, as the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning,” and “for the liberal and religious education of suitable youth.” Even the University of Pennsylvania (1751), though not started by a denomination and whose primary founder and shaper was Benjamin Franklin, had Laws of Moral Conduct, including: “1. None of the students or scholars, belonging to this seminary, shall make use of any indecent or immoral language: whether it consist in immodest expressions; in cursing and swearing; or in exclamations which introduce the name of God, without reverence, and without necessity. 2. None of them shall, without a good and sufficient reason, be absent from school, or late in his attendance; more particularly at the time of prayers, and of the reading of the Holy Scriptures” (1801). Today, we see just the opposite.

• Anti-family: Recreational dating is an entirely destructive and distracting practice, establishing inherent destructive relational patterns wherein commitments are short-term and predicated on self-gratification. Recreational dating is training for marriage failure. In India today where families are involved in the union of two people and marriages are arranged, their foundation is not the whimsical nature of American marriages that resultantly suffer a divorce rate of over 50%, but are strong and enduring with divorce rates of only 2%. Shame on us! This is essentially the rate of divorce in America when our laws and moral values spoken of by Washington and Adams upheld the sanctity of the enduring bonds of marriage.

• Liberal bastions: Whereas our founding educational institutions were once conservative, moral, and religious, feminization has changed them into bastions of Godless liberal propagation.

• Inferior and overpriced education: Research shows that when boys and girls are separated, each group performs better in school and is more likely to go to college. A 1997 article in The Times of London reported that boys in an all-male school performed 20% better than those in coeducation programs. Understandably, single-sex schools and classrooms in America are on the increase. In Green County, Georgia, the entire school district – elementary through high school – is converting to single-sex education. Plagued with soaring dropout rates, high numbers of teenage pregnancies, and years of poor test scores, the school board has turned to compelling research regarding the surpassing value of single-sex education, giving them hope for desperately needed change – hope that goes all the way back to our founding fathers. Equally, it is found that failed public education costs twice that of superior private education.

• The feminization of colleges: In 1949, 70% of undergraduate students were male. In 2006, the number of male undergraduate students had decreased to only 42%. According to the National Education Association (NEA), men made up just 24.4% of the total number of teachers in 2006, a record low for the last forty years! Revealingly, those numbers are just the opposite in Japan, where educational excellence far exceeds America. This aberrant emphasis of women in education stacks the deck against men, both teaching-wise and in particular against the male students themselves. Remember, it is proven that boys learn better from men, and girls learn better from women; so what does this speak concerning our education system with over 75% women teachers? With the feminization of schools, boys are abandoning education and men are abandoning teaching.

• Suicide: In 1938, a young man was twice as likely to commit suicide than a young woman. In 1952, he was then three times more likely to commit suicide. In 1977, that difference had increased to where a young man was now four times more likely to commit suicide. In 1988, that likelihood had elevated to five times. And in 1994, a young man was over six times more likely to commit suicide!

• Epidemic teacher-student sex scandals: According to a congressional report, an estimated 5 million students in U.S. schools have been sexually assaulted by teachers. National news repeatedly reports on just some of these higher-profile cases, such as Debra LaFave of Tampa, Florida, who received no jail time despite having sex with her 14-year-old male student in a classroom and in her Hillsborough County home. posts a list of the teacher “sexpidemic” cases they have documented of female teachers who have been accused or convicted of assaulting students – over 130 just in the last three years! (See:,
and read Bob Unruh’s article at:

• School shootings: In addition to the epidemic teacher-student sex scandals, schools experience the tragedy of shootings, five incidents already just in the month of February, 2008! The Columbine massacre on April 20, 1999, initiated dramatic changes in school policies trying to control these continuing outbreaks.

• Useless costly and time-wasting classes: The broader the scope of required classes, the deeper the depth of the ill effects of education, and the more wasteful they are in cost. Education today is like going to a hospital for a gallbladder surgery, but in order to broaden your experience you also have to have one cosmetic surgery, one heart surgery, a urinary tract surgery, and a portion of one appendage removed or reinforced. Education should have one primary purpose – to prepare one for their specific trade in life, and that without detriment to morals or religion. Again – wisdom must be first! When knowledge becomes the priority, truth is never obtained. Likewise, universities are to be for the purpose of education, not liberal indoctrination.

• Sex education: This is a constant battle for parents in high school and lower grade levels. Added to this is the issue of school-supplied condoms. And in universities the concept of coed has deteriorated to the shameless level of coed dorms, where they offer safe sex lectures. Our moral demise as a nation is shocking and repulsive! We will not escape the justice of God, forewarned by Thomas Jefferson (quoted at the closing of this writing).

• Abortion: Elizabeth Cady Stanton called abortion a “crying evil,” and Susan B. Anthony stated that “the woman is awfully guilty who commits the deed.” Abortion services provided and encouraged at secondary and post-secondary education facilities increase irresponsible sexual relationships and the murder of children.

Most certainly, other destructive fruit could be added to this list. Feminized coeducation facilities for young men and women are a failed system all the way around – socially, morally, educationally, governmentally, and economically! It is recognized that factors other than coeducation are in play here as well. But even so, our coed system, compliments of the Eveonian women’s rights movement, is a major contributor and is symptomatic of these like faults today.

Providing a personal testimony, Dan Brown recently published The Great Expectations School: A Rookie Year in the New Blackboard Jungle, in which he recounts what he terms a “brutal” year as a Teaching Assistant. “As a rookie,” said Dan, “I was given my own classroom, in part because there weren’t any male teachers for that grade.”

Dan began teaching fourth grade at Public School 85 in the Bronx. “Only two kids out of the 26 had parents who were married,” he said. (This too is the product of feminization, which provided an entirely anti-family matriarchal welfare system.) “Most of these kids had no father figure at home. To come to school and have that male authority figure who was treating them respectfully made a huge difference.”

He spent the better part of the year trying to connect with his students and serve as a male role model. “I had to be an agent of good with them,” he said. “Many of them lead exceptionally difficult lives. They’ve been abandoned.” “Some kids, especially boys, connect more with male teachers,” reaffirmed Dan. But many of his students had never had a male teacher. “It made a difference that I was a man,” he said. “It was just a different kind of classroom environment, a different vibe. Some female teachers are maternal toward their students; I wasn’t. I expected a lot from them.”

Reg Weaver, president of the NEA, admits, “There’s a lack of support for male teachers, a lack of respect, and a lack of being able to be involved in decision-making. And I can’t say it’s getting better.”

If the president of NEA is willing to admit this, one has to wonder then how bad it really is. To help understand, let’s consider the experience of Brian Simpson (a pseudonym used to protect himself).

Brian has been supply teaching – providing short term or temporary teaching – for twenty years in every subject area, K-12, in over 200 schools and in over 1,000 classrooms in a large Canadian city. From his extensive experience he relates, “I can report that the education system has been taken over by feminists and lesbians who preach a daily diet of hate, violence and discrimination against males despite pretenses of ‘tolerance,’ ‘non violence,’ and ‘inclusiveness.’” He notes, “In one classroom in which Grade-12 students were nearing their graduation, I had a boy cry about the climate of ever-climaxing anti-male hate.”

“As a male, I am routinely discriminated against for employment with no recourse to authorities,” continues Brian, who labels this as nothing less than routine “gender cleansing.” In further personal assessment, he adds, “First of all, to be in teaching is to be immersed in femininity. Wall-to-wall women, everywhere; the students, the teaching staff, the curriculum, the posters on walls, the celebrations, the laments, the teacher unions, the student unions, the union unions. In perfect lock-step, all are one, and half of humanity counts for nothing, except to be harmed, of course.” His conclusion after twenty years of teaching: “No thanks for the disrespect and hate.”

And they wonder why there are not more male teachers? The reason is obvious – what man wants to take his masculine qualities of respect, authority, accountability, and discipline, and make them subservient to a matriarchal feminized education mentality and rulership? It’s against a man’s conscience and his God-given ways; therefore men stay away from this off-base, out-of-touch, mismanaged, failed system. If you can’t be a real man, then why even try? Hey, you don’t find men wanting to wear women’s dresses!

Clearly, the only way this nation can restore and revitalize education is to return to the masculine principles and practices of our founding fathers. Feminism has utterly failed!

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