In talking with a couple of Bride brothers, let me share with you what seems to be evidenced in the 2008 election.  But first, if you read the “Election 2000 Information,” you will see that the election of 2000 was incredibly prophetic.  Based on prophetic patterns, before the election was ever resolved I wrote that the nine-member Supreme Court had to overturn the seven-member Florida court and the Bush win over the one who Gores.  I also stated during that time that Bush would invade Iraq and Saddam Hussein would either be killed or captured.  And thus it all took place. 

Then in 2004, once again I wrote of what the election results would be before they ever came about.  Click here to read that report.  (Make sure and read “Editor’s note” towards the end of the writing.)  Basically, I said that Bush would win with Ohio, which is what took place.  

Now in 2008 we are once again seeing seemingly equal prophetic testimonies.  When I was talking with Kyle Nixon about this, he said that Obama is an antichrist.  My reply was that if anyone could recognize an antichrist, it would be him.  Kyle was an antichrist in his youth as a punk rocker. 

Kyle’s affirmation of this was that Obama came up quickly.  He is often identified as the Messiah, as The One.  Of course the word “anti”-Christ in the Greek actually means “in place of” Christ.  As you will see, this is Obama’s prophetic type.  Even his acceptance speech was presented in a setting as if a Greek god.

On the other hand, McCain is Mc, or “son of,” Cain.  “Cain” means “spear.”  Sarah, meaning “princes,” is McCain’s VP choice.  The original Sarah is a type of Jerusalem above.  Also, her home state of Alaska is prophetic of the first Remnant.

Significantly, there were three descendents of Cain (Kenites) mentioned in the OT: Zipporah, Moses’ wife who saved his life by circumcising their son (Exodus 4:25); Jael, who took a tent peg and killed Sisera (Judges 5:26); and the Rechabites, who were faithful witnesses and received the promise that they would never lack a man to stand before Yahweh (Jeremiah 35).  Of course none of these testimonies are negative, but are in fact all quite positive.  The Rechabites actually speak of the Remnant, as well as Jael—the second Bride who drives a tent peg into Satan’s head.  It is also noteworthy that McCain just turned 72, which is the number of the Bride.

Kyle also noted that Bush has had eight years, and the testimony needs to be twelve—four more with McCain.  Thus, it would not be a good testimony if Obama cut that short. 

Also, quite significantly, George Bush is the ninth president following the sequence of seven presidents who died in office on an election cycle of every twenty years in years ending in “0.”  Reagan, the eighth, was a Moses who reversed the curse and did not die after being shot.  As the ninth, George Bush would be the Elijah, fulfilling the promise given to the eighth. 

Furthermore, as a second testimony/witness to George Bush evidencing the Elijah position, he is the second Bush in the Bush – > Clinton – > Bush pattern.  The first Bush evidences a Moses work, and the second Bush evidences an Elijah work.  Again, both of these patterns testify of George Bush in the place of the Elijah, giving us hope that this is in fact the time for the fulfillment of the true Elijah who restores all things and prepares the way for Yahshua’s return.

Most interestingly and encouraging, George Bush is the forty-third president.  What is significant about that number, especially since Bush testifies to the Elijah?  First, in The Issue – II, page 12, we note that the entire period of creation that brings us to the highest level of Jubilee when Yahweh restores all things, is the completion of 43,000 years.  In like testimony, the sons of Israel came out of bondage following 430 years to the day (Exodus 12:40-41). 

Thus we see that 43 would have the same testimony, but at the man level.  It therefore seems quite significant, fitting, and hopeful that George Bush is the forty-third president.  Evidenced twice as the Elijah, as the forty-third president he fittingly attests to the end of a period of bondage and the coming of a Jubilee—Yahshua’s return. 

Most certainly, Obama cannot be the type of that fulfillment.  In fact, he is a type of Satan continuing to reign, insomuch that his genealogy is Africa, the snake kingdom.  For 2,000 years, Satan has in fact been “in place of” Christ in the church while He has been in heaven.  Satan’s time is now finished.

Could I vote for Obama?  Absolutely not!  Politically, the Democrats are the epitome of feminism, the Curse of 1920.  Can I then vote for McCain/Palin?  Once gain, no.  Why?  Because, though the prophecy is favorable, on the practical and real-life level, a woman in government is the Curse of 1920.  Women are not to be in governance, which belongs to men.  What we must have is what McCain/Palin speak to—the Elijah, preparing the way for Yahshua, who establishes the true kingdom of heaven on earth.  The fact is, the nations and man levels utterly fail.

As Kyle has noted, “elections” really point to the will and plan of Yahweh God.  As it is written in Daniel 2:21, “It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings.”  So, the elections simply place Yahweh’s elect in office.  

Who could that be in 2008?  Based on this being the end of Bush 43, I would fully suspect that Sarah Palin will hand John McCain the Presidency.  Up to his addition of Palin, McCain was being beat by Obama, and would otherwise have been beat in the end.  But, when the type of Jerusalem above was added, McCain surged forward.  In prophetic type, it is the female work that affords the kingdom to the male work.  Undoubtedly, Sarah Palin will do the same for John (the kingdom) McCain.

May Yahweh attest to good and not evil in 2008.  And may He work good and not evil in 2008 towards the establishment of His kingdom.


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