‘Ello mate! I’m writing you from bonnie England—giving you a report on the first few days of the journey here in Britain. I will be brief on geography, but the first days were in a vacation home near Dolgellau, Wales. Beautiful! Extraordinarily surreal experience! Stepping back in time 3-400 years! Indescribable! Good fellowship with Peter, our gracious host, and Paul.

From Dolgellau I went to Swansea in South Wells, going there to see the Bible college that Rees Howells built. On Monday, January 25, I knocked on the door of the caretaker of the facility—David. He was gracious to take me on a tour of the facilities and the grounds. The Bible college itself moved to Rugby, England, in 2009, so there is little taking place there now. Read more

We are going to address here our hope today for the latter rain and why so, but first let us note something about Yahweh.

Have you ever considered the incredibly immense complexity of Yahweh expressed in creation? Why didn’t He just make one kind of tree and one kind of grass? Why did He make so many kinds of trees with so many different leaf structures and bark types, as well as kinds and ways of producing fruit, with so many different smells, tastes, colors, and shapes? Why a pine cone, versus an apple, versus a nut, versus a banana? Have you considered the immense varieties of plants—their flowers, their sizes, and their growth forms? Some are exceedingly tiny, some are no more than a mere stalk, and yet others are vast consuming vines. Why did Yahweh make such diversity?   Read more

Photo:  The Wright Brothers—first flight

The July 21 radio program, “East Coast Trip and the Days Before Us” at Remnant Bride Radio, is an excellent way to learn more about the matters addressed in this posting. I urge you to listen to the program if you have not already. On the other hand, some matters and revealing truths addressed here have not been covered in that program, and specific dates and events are indeed recorded here for your reference. Read more

In the next posting, I will tell about the teaching journey to the east that was just completed, as well as our hope for the days before us. But in this posting, let me share with you some of the wonderful truth that was revealed while on that journey. Truth is what will set us free; and truth, a seamless garment of truth, is what Yahweh has given the Bride.

I have already shared with you the truth that came to light regarding the three sabbaths—the seventh day, the eighth day, and the fourth day. In the extraordinarily revealing writing, The Great Tribulation, we note that what the Bible calls the “great tribulation” or the “great and terrible day of Yahweh,” has been taking place for 2,000 years. It is the corruption and desolation of the kingdom of heaven and its members. And, we are told in Matthew 24:22 and Mark 13:20 that unless those days are cut short—from three to two—no flesh would be saved! Read more

There is an outstanding argument in Christianity as to what is the true sabbath. Is it the seventh day of the week—Saturday—or is it the first day of the week—Sunday? So, how can this be resolved? The answer—by government, and by knowing and considering the larger picture of the ways and works of Yahweh in mankind and in the church. Outside of this, scriptural argument and tradition is simply waged against scriptural argument and tradition. But even further, Sunday was added as a sabbath; so, is there yet another sabbath day that is entirely relevant and has never before been considered?

The fact is that both the seventh day and the first day are sabbaths in the sense that they were to, are to, and will bring rest to man. But as you will see, they have failed and will fail in some measure to effect that rest, and do indeed require yet another sabbath. Let us now consider all of this. We will begin by examining the bigger picture of mankind and the kingdom of heaven, including the Son of God coming to this earth. Read more

Red Rock Canyon
Colorado Springs, Colorado

So, what took place on June 6 and 7, which corresponded with the wedding feast at Cana, as well as with my own wedding forty years prior in 1969? Let me tell you. It was most encouraging and highly revealing.

On Friday evening, June 5, Kathy, a Bride sister here in Salem, and myself arrived at the home of Chris Meier, co-host of Remnant Bride Radio, in Denver, Colorado. Chris’ wife, Aida, of Italian descent, had prepared a delicious meal and was a most wonderful and gracious hostess the entire time. Around the supper table and afterwards until 11:00 p.m., I answered questions and shared Bride truth with all who had gathered there that evening. Read more

There are two questions remaining from the list set forth in part one.  These are, why did Mary say, “Whatever He says to you, do it”; and most importantly, and actually the thrust of this entire writing, what is the prophetic significance of the water being turned into wine? 

But before we address these, there is a two-part question regarding the six stone waterpots that cries out to be answered.  We have already seen the significance of them being two or three measures in volume, but why were they made of stone, and what is the significance of their use for purification?   Read more

This third part of “Turning Water Into Wine” is going to be parenthetical within this ongoing subject.  Why add this here?  Because it directly relates to what we just learned regarding the flip of the signs that cause belief when Yahshua came as the sacrificial lamb in the “created” female role.  As we noted, in that role, instead of the signs that cause belief being the rod and the serpent, followed by the hand in the bosom, and concluded by the water turned into blood, they were just the opposite.   Read more

In part one, we examined the prophetic testimony and even hopeful fulfillments regarding dates and events within my own life and family.  This was done in order to gain further understanding in hopes of receiving the much needed kingdom fulfillments.   Several questions were also asked arising from Yahshua turning the water into wine at the wedding at Cana (John  2:1-11), which of course is the focus of this writing.  For your benefit, let us repeat those questions.   Read more

Now that we have extensively considered the evidences involving a forty-and-three-day count from Passover, let us consider its all-important conclusion—the wedding at Cana where the water was turned into wine. This, of course, was Yahshua’s first miracle, beginning His public ministry. In John 2:1-11, we read:   Read more

Why do we keep meticulously examining the Scriptures and the ways of Yahweh regarding timing?  Because we are seeking to discern and, as much as possible, walk out the kingdom of heaven on earth.  Psalm 90:12 states, “So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.”  These matters we are examining are in the Scriptures because (1) they reveal the ways of Yahweh, and (2) are there for our understanding.  If the people in the time of Yahshua knew what we understand today concerning Yahweh’s timing, they could have known beforehand what was going to happen.  Why would they have known?  Because Yahweh operates out of government and effectual patterns.   Read more

After Yahshua resurrected from the grave after three days and three nights, we read in Acts 1:3 that He presented Himself to the people for forty days with many attesting signs.  Let us now ask a most important question.  What would have happened if He had continued to remain here on this earth?  Clearly, He would have established His kingdom, and the Millennial reign would have begun.  But He did not stay, obviously.  There are many reasons for this—it was not time, He was too early, the Rod had to turn into the serpent, the Genesis 15 covenant had to be fulfilled, the afflicted body of Christ had to be formed, the second Remnant had to be established, and far more.  BUT, this question is very important to ask and to consider, as it raises a matter that begs an answer.   Read more

This whole aspect of these two forty-day counts from either Yahshua’s water baptism or His resurrection that was introduced in the last posting, is extraordinarily interesting, revealing, and affords added hope.  And as we noted, both of these counts immediately followed His baptism—the first by John, and the latter in true death, burial, and resurrection.  Let us review these.

The first of these two counts began immediately upon Yahshua’s baptism by John on Atonement.  We read in Mark 1:12 that “immediately” the Spirit led Him into the wilderness.  This would have been day one in the count of forty days and forty nights (Matthew 4:2).  He was brought out of the water, and immediately the forty-day count began.   Read more

On Passover evening, Saturday, April 25, we who gathered had one of the most stimulating, comprehensive, and rewarding conversations I have had since 1990 when a like conversation ensued with some Christian brothers.  The conversation on Sunday morning was equally enjoyable and profitable.  The fellowship throughout the two days was valued and enjoyed by everyone.  Did we see evidenced the power that we oh so need and must have?  No.  But, everyone went away refreshed and grateful for our rewarding time together.

So what now?  With Passover on Saturday, then Yahshua’s resurrection would have been on Tuesday; but, the only thing that resurrected for me on that day was my commitment to go drive a truck.  I found out that the test for a CDL permit would be offered the next day, so once again I began studying to get ready to go to truck-driving school.  Why?  Because I am a realist and am not interested in aimlessly writing so as to attempt to justify the financial help of others.  My conscience will not allow that, plus I felt loss and disappointment.  But to be honest, the loss and disappointment was only partially because of my hope for the Bride work, for the more immediate pain was the certainty of the continued loss of my family.  To be further honest, with the pain and certainty of their continued rejection of me, I would then reject them.   Read more

Photo: Barley field

Are you aware that the three major feasts—Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles—were each harvest-related?  Passover was tied to the barley harvest, Pentecost to the wheat harvest, and Tabernacles to the grape harvest.  Therefore, one can be certain that when Yahweh speaks of these three harvests or specific items, He prophetically speaks relative to these three feasts and what they represent, or their fulfillments.  Quite evidently, their three prominent fulfillments are the three resurrections, the three “harvests”—the barley harvest, the wheat harvest, and the grape harvest.   Read more

Photo: View from Mount Carmel

There is a new Remnant Bride Radio program online that addresses the upcoming April 25 Passover, including further explanation of its legal ties to Tabernacles Pentecost, and provides additional information that was not addressed in the last posting.  I will give you the link and program description; but first, let us consider something someone recently brought to my attention, as well as additional encouraging testimony regarding the beginning of the Elijah portion of the covenant with the many specifically at Passover.   Read more

Did we receive the hope of Tabernacles Pentecost on April 3—the beginning of the three-and-a-half-year period of the covenant with the many, the signet ring, the beginning of the latter rain?  Did the serpent turn back into the rod?  The answer depends on what happens in the days before us, which I will explain.

When nothing apparent took place on April 3, the days following were an emotional rollercoaster for me.  Yahweh is God, and He knows what He is doing, so it would do no good to get upset with Him.  So on the one hand, I could accept a lack of evidence.  But on the other hand, all the incredible things I have seen and experienced—the undeniable, profound truths evidenced in the Scriptures; the many amazing things that have happened in my life that point to where we are today; the dreams and visions I have had; the intercessions—would all come crashing down on me and crush me.  Add to this the wonder of what to do now, and the rollercoaster was inevitable.   Read more

Photo: Woman wearing a hijab

In the March 13 posting, I commented about something Yahweh had shown me when on my way to go trout fishing.  Well, after completing that and the March 20 posting, I got to go trout fishing again.  Actually, the trout river is only about twenty-five miles from my home, and is one of the pleasures I have in living here.  It was a beautiful day, and the entire time I was there, the only people I saw were two on horseback.  But where I fish, others do not walk to, requiring that I walk down the river almost two miles.  In order to get back to my truck, the horse trail through the woods that courses along the river affords easier access for my return. 

On my return trip, I was enjoying the walk as much as I had enjoyed the profitable time of fishing, carrying with me the stringer of four large rainbow trout.  I also had the rare treat of seeing four doe, and even talked to one as she momentarily stood there.  In fact, what may have initially spooked her was that as I was walking along, at that time I had taken my hat off and was talking out loud to Yahweh.  In these extended trips on the river, I wear a hat to keep the sun off my face and out of my eyes while fishing.  Therefore, when I pray, of course, as instructed in 1 Corinthians 11, I remove my hat.   Read more

Image: Moses at the burning bush at Mount Sinai

In May, 2000, a writing was posted on the Remnant Bride web site that sparked a noteworthy response, and has been core to the understanding and teachings of the Bride ever since.  That article was The Signs That Cause Belief.  It is truly incredible truth.  In fact, it was the one writing that Satan made a direct effort to cause me to not publish.  Once I realized that it was him, I understood why he did not want it out—it was the first ever evidenced and clearly stated conclusion that Satan was the head of Christianity.  He was exposed!

This is the writing where Satan’s image is revealed on the continent of Africa, and ties it to Christianity.  And as indicated by its title, it addresses the signs that were performed at the burning bush at Horeb/Sinai that were to be performed by Moses to cause belief when he went into Egypt to deliver His people.  Now, nine years later, this writing will readdress those signs, bringing out even more revealing truth that you will find to be most hopeful and timely.   Read more

Image: Moses with tablets

When we first began to see the truth of adding a third forty-nine-day count to Tabernacles Pentecost, taking us to April 3, the sole specific testimony we saw evidencing this was that of Elijah and the three captains of fifty with their fifties.  When I related this testimony to Chris Meier, his reply was that he wished we could see a second witness as well, citing the oft-repeated scriptural call for the testimony of two or three witnesses.  I had no idea where there could be a second witness for this, and was not even certain there was one.  But just recently, Yahweh showed me one that is exceptionally important, very confirming, highly revealing, and quite encouraging.

In addition, recently I went trout fishing, and on my way there saw something that offers much hope.  We will address both of these, and begin with the three-part count to Tabernacles Pentecost.  But I forewarn you, you cannot casually read this, nor read it just one time.  There is much information here, requiring careful thought and attention.   Read more

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